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Using orbital diagrams as proof, determine the number of unpaired electrons in each of the following atoms or ions: 

a. P3-      b. Zr     c. Dy    d. Mn4+    e. As 


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An atom is composed of three main sub-atomic particles; electrons, neutrons and protons. The atomic number of the elements represents the number of protons or electrons in a neutral atom. All known elements are arranged in a tabular form in increasing order of their atomic number that is called as the periodic table. 

The distribution of electrons in an atom can be shown with the help of electronic configuration. The electronic configuration of an element represents the number of electrons in different energy levels of an element. 


Step 3

In an orbital diagram, there are fix number of electrons that can maximum accommodate in an orbital. For example; s-orbital will have one box, p-orbital will have three boxes next to each other as p-sub-level contains three orbitals. Similarly d-sub level con...

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