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What is acid fast staining and why do we use gram staining more?


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Staining is a method in which images of specimens enhanced at microscopic level. It is commonly used for examination of tissues, cells and the different components of cell.Staining methods depend upon the objective and type of the specimen under observation. Techniques like special staining, differential staining are used to identify the different species of bacteria.

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Acid-fast staining is also known as Ziehl-Neelsen staining, it is used to examine acid-fast species like mycobacteria. The acid-fast organisms are resistant to decolorization by acid thus, they are named as acid fast organisms.  The acid-fast stain is a type of differential stain used for the examination and identification of various organisms like mycobacterium.

The acid-fast organisms have an impermeable cell wall due to the presence of waxy layer. The cell wall is impregnated with large quantity of waxes, fatty acid and lipids and mycolic acid. The acid-fast organisms are thus resistant to various disinfectants and dry conditions.

Because of waxy coating acid-fast o...

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