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What is BMI?


What is BMI?

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Body mass index (BMI) measures body size. It is determined by knowing the weight in kilograms and height of a person in meters. It is the r...

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BMIweight (Height) ... (1)


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Q: How many cations are there in 50.0 g of sodium phosphate?

A: We have to calculate the number of cations in 50.0 g of sodium phosphate.


Q: Explain why the dye spots are elongated and not round on your chromatogram.

A: The term chromatography or the paper chromatography refers to a technique which is used for the sepa...


Q: Calculate the probability that a particle will be found in a tiny slice of space between 0.49L and 0...

A: Probability of particle in a length L is equal to,


Q: Aqueous hydrobromic Acid (HBr) will react with solid sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to produce aqueous sodi...

A: The balanced equation of the reaction is given and the moles of HBr and NaOH are calculated as shown...


Q: Calculate the wavelength of light emitted when an electron moves from n=3 to n=2.

A: The wavelength of the emitted light can be calculated by use of the Rydberg’s equation.  Here,λ is t...


Q: Cyanidin chloride (C15H11O6Cl) contains the cyanidin ion, a pigment found in many berries. Calculate...

A: Here, we have to calculate number of moles of cyanidin chloride present in 7.2 mg.


Q: A solution that is 20% salt is mixed with a solution that is 30% salt. Which of the following are no...

A: When we mix the solution of 20% salt and the solution of  30% salt,  the resulting solution consists...


Q: How can there be different protons and electrons in an atom?

A: An atom contains equal number of electrons and protons. Electrons  revolve around the nucleus while ...


Q: In lab, a student was given a hydrated version of NiCl2 as the unknown. The initial mass of the hydr...

A: During heating mass of the sample reduces due to loss of water. So, 0.458 g of sample remaining afte...

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