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When 500 J of heat is added to a gas, the gas expands its volume from 0.003 m3 to 0.00405 m3 at a constant pressure of 144000 Pa. How much work (in J) is done by the gas?


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Step 1

Given information:

Amount of heat added to the system = 500 J

Initial volume of the gas = 0.003 m3

Final volume of the gas = 0.00405 m3

Pressure of the gas = 144000 Pa

Step 2

Work done during expansion of a gas can be expressed in terms of pressure and change in volume. The mathematical expression for work done during an expansion can be represented as follows:

w =-pAV

Image Transcriptionclose

w =-pAV

Step 3

Plugging the values of change in volume and pressu...

w -144000 Pax(0.00405-0.003) m2
=-144000 Pax (0.00105) m
-151.2 Pa.m
=-151.2 J

Image Transcriptionclose

w -144000 Pax(0.00405-0.003) m2 =-144000 Pax (0.00105) m -151.2 Pa.m =-151.2 J


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