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Which of the following molecules contains at least one polar covalent bond?

Select one or more:
a. CH4
b. F2
c. NH3
d. CH2F2
e. H2O

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Step 1

In the formation of the chemical bond with the same or different elements, all elements tend to complete their octet configuration. It is known as Octet rule. The octet configuration (means 8 electrons in the valence shell of the bonded atom) can be achieved by either sharing of electrons to form a covalent bond or by the complete transfer of electrons that leads to the formation of an ionic bond.

Step 2

The chemical bond that is formed between two elements with large difference of electronegativity is said to be a polar bond. In a polar bond, the more electronegative element gets the partial negative charge and less electronegative element gets the partial position charge.

Step 3

The non-polar bond is formed between elements with same electronegat...

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