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You are spinning a 20kg mass horizontally attached to a spring. The relaxed length of the
spring is .5m. If the mass is moving at 10m/s and the spring has strengths to 1 m, what is the k
constant of the spring?


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Step 1
When the mam (m= 201e) Atationary
Me relored dengh of theApring (=0.5m)
Once the mam Atort Apinnin, at
velocih (V=10m/s), the Apring ia Stretched
to a Dengh (1m)

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When the mam (m= 201e) Atationary Me relored dengh of theApring (=0.5m) Once the mam Atort Apinnin, at velocih (V=10m/s), the Apring ia Stretched to a Dengh (1m)

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Newtons Laws of Motion

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