13th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781305881884




13th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781305881884
Chapter 2.2, Problem 12E
Textbook Problem

Consider the following frequency distribution.

Class Frequency
10-19 10
20-29 14
30-39 17
40-49 7
50-59 2

Construct a cumulative frequency distribution and a cumulative relative frequency distribution.

To determine

Construct the cumulative frequency and cumulative relative frequency distribution

Explanation of Solution


The table represents the five types of class with limits and their corresponding relative frequency.

Cumulative frequency:

Cumulative frequency is the sum of all frequencies up to that class. The last class’s cumulative frequency is equal to the sample size n.

Thus, the cumulative frequency for each class is tabulated below:

Thus the relative frequencies for the five types of classes are obtained below:

ClassFrequency fCumulative frequency

Relative frequency:

The portion of the data that falls in the corresponding class is relative frequency of that class.

The formula for relative frequency is given below:


Therefore, the relative frequency for the class “10-19” is,

Relativefrequency for class 10-19=1050=0.20

Thus, the relative frequency for each class is tabulated below:

ClassFrequency fRelative frequency

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