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  • Journal Entry : Summary And Articles

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    used throughout your career and in every aspect of your life while you read anything. People summarize topics and articles all the time. In my opinion, I feel reading a summery is easily and faster than reading an entire book article. You can get a good and core understand of any topic quickly just by reading a summary. People also usually summarize everything; not only is summaries used in books but it is also used in movies and shows to give us a mini summery of what the movie or television show

  • The Articles Of Confederation Summary

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    The Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation was the first system of government that the united states ever put into force, and is the only one they ever wrote besides the constitution. The articles was created due to a need for the United States to unite during the american revolution, and was basically a loosely bound union of states, so it was obvious that this was essentially just to semi-unite the states in order to fight the british, and they would form a more stable form of


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    test3 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. _T_ 1. An ethical hacker is a person who performs most of the same activities a cracker does, but with the owner or company’s permission. __T__ 2. Even though the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is not geared toward the technical IT professional, it has become one of the standards for many security professionals. __F__ 3. To retrieve e-mail from a mail server, you most likely access

  • Summary Of Article. In The Article, “Response To Intervention

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    Summary of Article In the article, “Response to Intervention in Reading for English Language Learners”, the authors Sharon Vaughn and Alba Ortiz explain, how much native language and/or ESL instruction students receive depends on the program model. Students in English as a second language programs do not receive native language instruction; they are typically educated within general education classrooms and have a support program for English as a Second Language. In planning Response to Intervention

  • Summary Of Article Critique

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    ARP Article Critique Template Student Name: Julie Ann A. Matulin Summary Section – Please answer the following prompts and questions based on the article you selected by typing your answers on this template. 1. Cite the article as it would appear on a reference page by following APA guidelines. LaGasse, A. B. (2014). Effects of a music therapy group intervention on enhancing social skills in children with autism. Journal of Music Therapy, 51(3), 250-75. doi: 10.1093/jmt/thu012 2. Describe

  • Article Summary Of Brookings: Article Analysis

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    In this article, Glenn C. Loury of Brookings takes a critical look at how slavery continues to affect the contemporary American society more than one and a half century since its abolition. The author begins by stating that the "problem of color line" continues to affect America today. According to the author, as much as Americans have dreamed that race would one day not be used to define any American, such a view has proved to be naively utopian because, in most southern states, Blacks continue

  • Article Summary of Kreppner

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    In a longitudinal, correlational study, Kreppner et al. (2007) investigated whether early deprivation causes functional impairment and which features of early deprivation contribute to impairment. Kreppner, et al. (2007) chose four hypotheses derived from the current body of research: first, that the outcome would depend on the post-adoption environment because of its longer duration; second, that biological damage occurs during early deprivation so any resulting impairment would be still present

  • Summary Of Pennington's Article

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    about issues and health-skin problems caused by the bedbugs, at the same time the article entertains the reader with this issue, that maybe many of the readers didn’t know about before. The tone of the article gets people attentions and it conveys to the reader a tone of informality. His article doesn’t seems to be formal because they way that he presents the problems with bedbugs. 2. Pennington starts his article with the bedbug’s feeding process before introducing the main idea, which it’s the

  • Autism Article Summary

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    wants and needs, and finally beginning a conversation. According to the article “Effects of a Social Skills Intervention on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Peers with Shared Deficits” it mentions how the clinic is doing two clinical trials on two little boys. Therefore, this article shows graphs for the two children that are slowly improving on their social skills. On the other hand,

  • Mazzol Article Summary

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    microbes as well as different bacteria and fungi. Regardless, the soil still protected the plants. The research done, especially those such as Dr. Mazzola, is significant because it could help farmers bring in microbes to protect crops. I thought the article was interesting because of how similar the human immune system is to soil immunity. Like humans, microbes will attack the pathogen.