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  • Legal Services And Legal Service

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    it generic. Legal services, in this context, comprises of different entities giving legal advice to the public. The commoditisation of legal services describes how there has been a recent rise in the number of legal services and legal fees are starting to become the only difference between them . A commercial approach is applying the law in a business sense. Therefore, I will be discussing the controversy regarding whether the price-based competition in the legal sector will make legal services a

  • Legal Assistance For Legal Aid

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    Legal aid is a government funded service for legal help for every New Zealander, particularly for people with low income, and cannot afford a lawyer. The service may help people to resolve their legal problem that may go to court, and make sure they are not denied justice because they cannot afford a lawyer. Despite these measures, concerns about the affordability of the legal aid system has arisen. Legal aid cost continued to grow, where Ministry of Justice encouraged clients to set up a repayment

  • Legal Positivism : A Positivist Legal System

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    Positivist Legal System. The aim of this essay is to evaluate a positivist legal system or legal positivism, by analysing what it means, what it does the positive and negative aspects of legal positivism, how legal positivism works in a society. In order to understand a positivist legal system and how it works in a society, this essay is going to concentrate on some aspects of legal positivism, which are; the definition of legal positivism or positivist legal system, ideologies of legal positivism

  • Legal Drnc

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    Legal Memo: Scenario #6 CRJ 550 Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Administration Catherine Scott Saint Leo University Abstract The following memo describes the events that have taken place in Saint Leo Police Department as it relates to the Sheriff’s findings in Officer Narcissus office computer. It will contain a summary of the Sheriff’s and Officer Narcissus’ actions, as well as their reactions to the other’s stance. As the special assistant to the Sheriff, the author of this compilation

  • Legal Assignment

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    could be established by the trade union against Casino Ltd. ------------------------------------------------- Issues 1. Whether Casino Ltd. (the parent company) and Caterers Ltd. (its wholly-owned subsidiary company) are considered as separate legal entities. Additionally, whether the concept of corporate veil applies to the corporate groups (between Casino Ltd and Caterers Ltd). 2. Is it possible to lift or pierce the corporate veil of corporate groups on the basis that: (a) there is

  • Legal Differences And The Legal Types Of A Business Organization

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    • Identify and describe the legal categories of a business organization contrasting tax-related advantages and disadvantages. There are three main forms of business organizations that are commonly known globally; they include; Sole Proprietorship, Partnership as well as Corporation. Looking at the Sole proprietorship, it is conventionally known as a business run by one person who is also the owner. This means that the owner has 100% control over the business. This form of business organization is

  • Legal Funding Disadvantages

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    first grade solicitor in London who would charge four hundred and nine pounds per hour . It is obvious that not everyone can afford the price of justice. Legal funding is vital as this can give a chance to people that are of lesser means, to review their case. There are various types of legal funding that I will examine in my essay for example, legal aid, private funding, conditional fee agreements, damages-based agreements and pro-bono. However, there are some ethical complications related to how these

  • Characteristics Of Legal Positivism

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    can be adopted as to what would amount to a legal system. On the one hand are theories that treat the concepts of law and legal systems having certain moral dimensions-on this view, a body of rules might be said to count as a legal system only if it is aimed at the common good or enforcement of justice. The other approach, which is a characteristic of legal positivism, offers an account of law and legal systems that is morally neutral in character. Legal systems are characterized on this view, by

  • Legal Advice For A Solicitor

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    A solicitor may give legal advice when it comes to buying a house or renting a flat etc. they also deal with divorce, probate, marriage etc. they also give legal advice based around these areas. A solicitor may even represent their client in court to maximise their chance of being declared as innocent. A solicitor is also responsible for calling in any paper work to help with any case. Solicitors also help deal with any accident that may occur. The Law Society sets down rules and regulations about

  • Legal Forms of Business

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    Legal Forms of Business: Week 2 Legal Forms of Business In business, the first decision that is made is usually the most difficult. When making business decisions, the owner must decide what types of business organization is the best for the company. There are seven forms of business that will be discussed as well as scenarios in which each of these forms of business would be the preferred form. This paper will also justify why the corresponding business form is preferred. The forms