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  • Summary Of Los Vendidos

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    Discrimination against Mexican Americans has always been a grave issue in the United States. The short play Los Vendidos written by Luis Valdez sheds light upon the horrid state of racism in our nation. The play centers around the Secretary’s visit to Honest Sancho’s shop and depicts outrageous images of Mexican Americans as mere objects. Through this play, Valdez attempts to delineate the discrimination and prejudices against his people. To deliver his perspective, he employs a principle known as

  • Los Vendidos Analysis

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    Minorities are almost always judged based on stereotypes, that are given to them based on what people see on the outside, and they don't always see the best in the minority's. In los Vendidos, their is a white women trying to buy a Mexican so he can be in administration for the governor's office, and she wanted to know how the mexican would do on boards. The salesman says, “you name them he's on them. Parole boards, draft boards, school boards, taco quality control boards, surf boards, two by fours”

  • Los Vendidos Essay examples

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    Luis Valdez wrote “Los Vendidos” in order to address his view of the Mexican culture and in reference to the prejudices that surrounded him. The play defines four versions of Mexican men, shop owner Honest Sancho is trying to sell to a Secretary in Governor Reagan’s political office. The buildup of characters: The Farmworker, Johnny Pachuco, The Revolucionario, and the Mexican-American, symbolizes an evolution of what society deems the “ideal” Mexican-American should be. “Los Vendidos” translates to

  • Luis Valdez's Los Vendidos Essay

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    Luis Valdez's Los Vendidos Social science teaches that a person’s self identity is a reflection of that which other people put on the individual, in other words a person’s behavior steams more from what they see of themselves from someone else’s perspective and less from how they see themselves. In the case of the Mexicans, this concept holds true. From that, which has been studied thus far this semester, Mexicans/ Mexican Americans are good examples of this concept. Their sorted past has resulted

  • Luis Valdez's Los Vendidos Essay

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    Luis Valdez's Los Vendidos "Los Vendidos," directed by Luis Valdez, is a remarkable play that looks into the historical struggles, stereotypes and challenges of Mexican Americans in a unique fashion. Rather than tell the history of Mexican Americans through documentaries and actual footage, the play conveys its message about the true history of Mexican Americans in the United States through both subtle and blatant techniques. Mexican American struggles in the United States date back to the

  • Summary Of Stereotypes And Marxism In Los Vendidos

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    A Clash of Social Classes “Los Vendidos,” is a one action play written by Luis Valdez. It compares the Hispanic population using stereotypical characters who are currently on sale at a “Used Mexican Lot.” It takes place in California in 1967 in a dense Mexican population. Politics and culture collide together. The Hispanic population comes to the United States to increase their wealth. This play demonstrates how Mexican-Americans have struggled to find their identity and equality in the United States

  • Luis Valdez's Play, Los Vendidos Essay

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    In his play, "Los Vendidos," Luis Valdez addresses, through humor and stereotypes, the issues faced by Mexicans in America throughout history. Although a "White Washed Mexican" woman is supposedly looking for a Mexican, what she is actually looking for is an American with darker skin. The key word here is American, as she is looking for someone who has denied his or her Mexican roots and become acculturated to the American way of life. This woman does not want a Mexican for any other reason than

  • Los Vendidos, Produced by Luis Valdez Essay

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    has been ignored and many times erased from the American conscience. They have struggled for acknowledgment, they have fought for equality and they have gone to battle for respect. Luis Valdez’s play, Los Vendidos, is just one of many contributions to this effort. A powerfully moving play, Los Vendidos, or the "sell-outs", is a piece created to gain acknowledgement, heighten awareness and to create a sense of camaraderie amongst the people fighting in the Chicano Movement of the late 1960’s and 70’s

  • Analysis of Los Vendidos and Exploitation of Mexican-Americans

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    Analysis of Los Vendidos and Exploitation of Mexican-Americans The short play Los Vendidos portrayed by el Teatro Campesino shows the history of Mexican-Americans. It shows racist perceptions and actions towards Mexican-Americans. The title itself implies the exploitation of Chicanos. In translation from Spanish "Vendidos" can mean either those who sell-out others, or those who are sold. In the play either meaning can be applied. Those who are sold would be the eleven different characters

  • Essay on Class and Culture in Urban American

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    recognition, love, money, and belonging.” 5 “Today there are approximately 274 Blood and Crip gangs in Los Angeles County alone.” 1 The gangs that are often in the news are usually made up of African-Americans. “African-Americans first formed street gangs in the late 1920s and early 1930s on the east side of Los Angeles near Central and Vernon Avenues. They were also forming in the downtown area of Los Angeles around the same time.” 4