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  • The Work Of Louis Pasteur

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    people’s daily life. This man, Louis Pasteur, succeeded in his medical investigations and continued to pursue his interest, despite objections given to him by his peers. The timeless work of Louis Pasteur in the areas of chemistry and microbiology provided the necessary foundation for the scientific study of immunology and stressed the importance of possessing a thorough understanding of the procedures involved in medical treatment. Background On December 27, 1822, Louis Pasteur was born to a family of

  • The Contributions Of Louis Pasteur

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    Louis Pasteur was a biologist and a French chemist who made major contributions to chemistry, medicine and industry. He is famous for his germ theory and he is also famous for the development of vaccines. He is also famous for the food preparing process known as pasteurization. Personal Biography Louis Pasteur born on December 27, 1822, in Dole, France. He grew up in the town of Arbois. His father, Jean-Joseph Pasteur was a tanner and a sergeant major. Since his father was decorated with the Legion

  • Louis Pasteur Essay

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    Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur was an example of a truly gifted person who made many wildly diverse discoveries in many different areas of science. He was a world-renowned French chemist and biologist whose work paved the way for branches of science and medicine such as stereochemistry, microbiology, virology, immunology, and molecular biology. He also proved the germ theory of disease, invented the process of pasteurization, fermentation, and developed vaccines for many diseases, including rabies

  • The Work Of Louis Pasteur

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    understand the behavior of microbes and applied those principles to improve peoples’ daily lives. This man, Louis Pasteur, was from a poor family, and he was not expected to do anything significant in his life. Nevertheless, he succeeded in his medical investigations and continued to pursue answers to his questions, despite objections given to him by his peers. The timeless work of Louis Pasteur in the areas of chemistry and microbiology provided the necessary foundation for the scientific study of

  • Louis Pasteur Essay

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    contributions were so powerful, they effectively changed the future of our world. Louis Pasteur, born December 27th, 1822, in the town of Dole, Eastern France, is one of the most noteworthy individuals to live during the last 200 years. Responsible for a myriad of accomplishments ranging from the debunking of the infamous “spontaneous generation” theory to the method named after him today, pasteurization, Mr. Pasteur is responsible for bestowing upon us some of the modern day conveniences we enjoy

  • Louis Pasteur in Public Health

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    Louis Pasteur in Public Health Samantha R. James PU-120 December 20, 2011 Adrian Cooksey Louis Pasteur in Public Health Louis Pasteur is a man of many talents; his greatest gift was his intelligence and patience without it the medical field and the public health system would not be where it is today. Through his patience and diligence Pasteur was able to make several advances in chemistry, microbiology, immunizations and preservations. In 1857 he developed the Germ Theory of fermentation and

  • Louis Pasteur And Its Effects On Humans

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    Louis Pasteur made very important contributions to science. He figured out that microorganism scaled microbes made alcohol and milk go sour. Before his discovery, there was no way to stop beverages from going bad. Drinking spoiled drinks can have very negative effects on humans. Louis created a process that destroys the microbes inside of liquids. To do this, you must heat up a liquid to a high temperature for a short amount of time. He named this revolutionary process pasteurization. In addition

  • Louis Pasteur : An Influential Chemist

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    Tavernia CP world history 12 October 2015 Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur, one of the most influential chemists in the world, developed a process that saved many lives and continues to do so on a global scale. In the mid-18th century, when scientists were questioning the role of microorganisms, Pasteur investigated and supported the germ theory, through his extensive laboratory studies. He made many contributions to the various fields of science. Louis Pasteur is the most influential chemist in the history

  • Louis Pasteur : The Science Of Science And Science

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    scientists and their works, you can enjoy many of those things. Louis Pasteur’s early life and further education led to his successful works and creations that helped further the lives of everyone. Louis Pasteur was born on December 27, 1822 in Dole France and he grew up Arbois France. His mother is Jeanne Etiennette Pasteur and his father is Jean Joseph Pasteur. His siblings were Jean Denis, Jeanne Antoine, Josephine, Jeanne Emilie. Louis was a middle child but he outlived all of his other siblings

  • Louis Pasteur : The Real Pastor Of Science

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    Louis Pasteur: The Real Pastor of Science The 19th century saw the beginning and ending of many things throughout the world. The end to many empires such as the Holy Roman and Spanish led to the beginnings and flourishings of many empires and nations like the British, Russian, and the United States. Industrialism and Imperialism took over as the world reached new heights in the means of technology and civilization. It was this century that the world saw the first real electronics rise, conquer