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  • The Country Of Peru : Peru

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    Approximately eleven years ago, I lived for ten years in the small city of Moyobamba, Peru. Shortly after school vacation, I visited Lima, the capital of Peru to spend time with the rest of my family. Even though my family and I have a house and we are settled in the United States, Peru will always be my hometown. Peru is situated on the west coast of South America; borders on Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. Peru is the third largest nation in South America that covers an area of almost 500

  • Inca In Peru

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    Inca is a civilization long lived before in ancient Peru between C.1400 and 1533 CE. Inca had the largest empire on planet Earth. Approximately twelve million people lived there before the Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro invaded the Incan empire in 1532-1572. This fight has lasted for forty until it came to an end and the spanish had won and the former Inca lands had been incorporated and turned in Viceroyalty of Peru. The Inca people was very wealth they could afford hundred people if they

  • Peru Culture

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    Religion, stereotypes, and prejudices were topics brought up during our experience with the students of Lima. The major religion in Peru is Catholicism and it is very important to go to church every sunday. For example, Fiorella's most important tradition is to go to church every sunday then eat lunch with her grandparents. The most popular tradition in Peru, according to the students, is Thanksgiving and New Years. It is a tradition to wear all white clothers. Another thing that I learned

  • Peru Research Paper

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    about the culture and customs of Peru in just a short amount of time would be so interesting. The amount of knowledge gained when linking with ESAN University lead to the eagerness to learn more. There are many similarities and difference to America, that make Peru a unique country of its own. Although the country is smaller than many others, it has such a great diversity related to the important aspects of life. College Life Every university, in America and Peru are all different in some way from

  • Peru Vacation

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    Lima, Peru is the Number One Vacation Opportunity Brooke Chinen Mariqua Monday at 1:30 I. Subject sentence: Lima, Peru is a jewel of South America, where there is something for everyone. II. Introduction: With a history that dates to the Incans, Lima, Peru is a place where people who are history inclined can go. For those who enjoy a more relaxed vacation, Lima, Peru offers a variety of different options, ranging from resorts, mountains, ancient cities and more. For those who are looking for nice

  • Cultural Culture In Peru

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    and Europeans (cite discover Peru). The differences that make up Peruvian culture also differs in region. For instance, remove villages often dress and follow traditions, while many modern areas dress and follow modern tradition (cite). This is seen in their food, arts, and hobbies. Food is very important in Peru, many of their foods are a mix of different cultures, as their culture at large also is. Many of the food differs from region to region. According to Peru travel, Mistura is the main food

  • Essay On Peru Government

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    liberties and freedoms. Come and go back in time to the Incas and lead through until Peru’s founding government. The history of Peru is riddled with legends, conquistadors, and a revolution. The fabled beginnings of the Inca empire, which preceded Peru in their lands, state that Manco Capac, a son of the sun god, was sent down and made home in the Vilcanota Valley (“Peru History”). This became their capital, Cuzco. The Incas documented their history through the reigns of the kings. However, it was

  • Causes Of Poverty In Peru

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    Peru is a country rich in cultural heritage. Having the second largest indigenous population in North and South America, Peru has inconsistencies in the poverty divide between urban and rural communities (World Health Organization). According to the CIA World Factbook, forty-five percent of the total population, nearly 14 million people, are indigenous to Peru (World Factbook). The considerable divide between affluent and poverty-stricken people is largely due to the isolation of the rural villages

  • Nature And Magnitude Of Malnutrition In Peru

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    Magnitude of Malnutrition in Peru, Including Affected Population Classified as an upper middle income country, Peru is currently undergoing dramatic changes, and its recent economic growth has been commendable. These promising indications notwithstanding, the country is not immune to one formidable challenge of our time—malnutrition—which a great many countries are subject to. The World Food Programme (2016, para.3) emphasized that despite the considerable progress being made, Peru is confronted with rampant

  • Climate Change in Peru Essay

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    Peru is a nation composed of heterogeneous ecosystems including the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, deserts, the Andes Mountains including the glacial regions, and the second largest portion of the Amazon Forest Basin (US AID, 2011). Its heterogeneity creates such a dire situation for Peru in terms of climate change and the effects it has on each individual system as well as the effects on wildlife and human occupants that live in these regions. In Peru, the climate changes that have been taking