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  • Registered Nurse

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    Registered Nurse A registered nurse (RN) in mental health is called a psychiatric. According to “” a psychiatric unit nurses are advanced nurses who specialize in care of people who have mental disorders. They work in the psychiatric part of a hospital or medical center with patients that are staying there for short-term-evaluation or an intense treatment before going back to their home for long-term-care

  • Becoming A Registered Nurse

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    reality of the process of becoming a registered nurse for international students in Ontario Orapun Inchai The Language Gallery The reality of the process of becoming a registered nurse for international students in Ontario It has been claimed that Ontario welcomes internationally educated nurses who want to relocate, and even has a specific government program in place to enable them to practice and excel in the shortest time possible. However all nurses, regardless of background, must successfully

  • Benefits Of A Registered Nurse

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    A registered nurse’s earning vary depending on the position, experience, level of profession, skills, education, assignment with some states paying a higher income. The skills acquired through education, training, and expertise contribute to a registered nurses (RN) wage. Nurses having additional education such as a Bachelors degree or Masters, earn more than a nurse who has an Associates degree (A.S.) or an entry level nurse. But experience also plays a role in the amount earned as well as location

  • Benefits Of A Registered Nurse

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    Someone who saves a life is looked at as a hero, but the real heroes are the Registered Nurses of the world, who save hundreds of lives every year. A registered nurse (RN) is “a nurse who has more training and experience than a licensed practical nurse and who has passed a special exam” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). They provide patient care, educate patients and the public, and provide advice and support to patients and family members (Occupational Outlook Handbook “What They Do”

  • The Career Of A Registered Nurse

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    Registered Nurse “Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.” There was a girl who had always wanted to become one of importance, education, and also a contributor in her community. She feels that this occupation will assist her in living comfortably, providing for her family, and will be something she will enjoy doing. The career of a Registered Nurse is a challenging and important career, because of the importance one holds within a community

  • Becoming a Registered Nurse

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    Becoming a registered nurse will take a long journey to finish if you found handling money and maintaing good grades in high school too be difficult. You can start by getting into a community college where one can have a second chance, and then be able to transfer to a university, or Cal State, where one will finish nurse school. Throughout the time you are keeping your grades and performance high, your mind can already conceive ways to opening more doors and the opportunities to be able to accomplish

  • A Survey On A Registered Nurse

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    Introduction A Registered Nurse (RN) has a variety of responsibilities in the health care field. These responsibilities include performing physical exams, giving medications, caring for wounds, interpreting information about the patient, coordinating care, and supervision of care given by other healthcare workers. “RNs practice in all healthcare settings: hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, ambulatory care centers, community health centers, schools, and retail clinics (What).” They can also

  • Delivery Registered Nurse

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    There is a wide range of what a Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse can provide, such as planning a care system, taking vitals, monitoring patients, teaching them to care for their newborn, performing tests, recording, and charting information about patients, helping deliver a baby, and consulting with staff; just to name a few. I had interviewed my aunt Italivi Chambers, a Registered Nurse working in the Labor and Delivery Department with Marian Regional Medical Center. She attended Allan Hancock

  • Becoming A Registered Nurse?

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    Becoming a Registered Nurse Saving lives matters. You do not have to be a Doctor or a Police officer to save a person life. Being a Nurse has greater or equal value in saving someone life. A registered nurse or RN is a person who has graduated with a nursing degree from an accredited college or university, has passed the state board examination and is licensed to practice nursing. It is very important for a person who wants to become a nurse to research the pros and cons of the different areas of

  • The Success Of Registered Nurses

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    Hard work, knowledge, and interpersonal skills are some of the most important aspects that will directly impact the success of registered nurses (RNs) within the medical healthcare field. They are professionals that require an amount of comprehensive education and skills that are related to assessing, planning, and intervening to promote patient care (“The Nursing Process,” n.d.). In order to become RNs, associate degrees in nursing (ADN) must be earned from a state-approved training program. The