Water Fluoridation Essay

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fluoridation Of Water

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    It’s in our water, our toothpaste, our mouthwash, and even our food. This may sound like the opening sentence to some zombie virus horror flick, but this is a reality. The element fluorine is added to many consumer products, such as mouthwash, toothpaste, and municipal water. The fluoridation of these products began in 1945, when the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, became the first city to fluoridate its water supply and had been ever present since. Some advantages of this process are fluorine aids

  • Water Fluoridation Must Stop Essay

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    compounds have been added to water supplies since as early as the 1950s because claims were made to support fluoride's use as a cavity preventer. However, studies conducted even decades before have shown that fluoride is an extremely hazardous substance that should be completely avoided. These views or claims about fluoride are just too contradictory, both cannot be true. Fluoride has hidden dangers that not enough people know about and should be removed from the water supplies despite false reports

  • The Conspiracy of Water Fluoridation Essay examples

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    stop tooth decay, but fluoridation, the addition of fluoride to the public water supply, can spark avid controversy. Most dentists, medical groups, and government officials argue that fluoridation is a cheap and risk-free venture that doubles cavity prevention. In contrast, a small minority of dentists and conservative political groups argue that fluoride is a hazardous, poisonous substance that should not be consumed. Some antifluoridationists even claim that fluoridation is an untrustworthy form

  • Fluoridation Of Drinking Water Fluoridation Is A Great Case Of Clinical Perception Prompting Epidemiologic Examination And Group Based General

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    drinking water to prevent dental caries , family planning and so on . Body Let us see about the two major events that played a major role in the public health along with the evolution of science .They are Flouridation of Drinking water and Family planning . FLUORIDATION OF DRINKING WATER Fluoridation of group drinking water is a main consideration in charge of the decrease in dental caries (tooth rot) . The historical backdrop of water fluoridation

  • Water Fluoridation Essay

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    Since the practice’s initiation in the 1940s, water fluoridation has been contested at various stages of its introduction to the general populace, with groups often quoting adverse side effects studied in assorted experiments around the world. This semi-scientific basis quickly morphed into a more politically skewed, emotive argument in the late 40s and 50s during the Second Red Scare. In this time, many conspiracies surfaced revolving around the central idea of a communistic entity undermining the

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Fluoridation

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    WATER FLUORIDATION: - A high degree of reduction in caries/ tooth decay occur when fluoride content is approximately IPPM (i.e. one part of fluoride to one million part of water), the prevalence of oral fluorosis increase greatly when the concentration of fluoride is more than 1pm. Therefore, the optimal concentration of community fluoridation is 1pm. The very first community water fluoridation was in Grand Rapids in USA in 1945 and these produced a reduction in caries between 40-50% in deciduous

  • Explain What Role Dose Risk Plays In Dentistry

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    preventive approaches. One of the foremost implemented preventive measures is community water fluoridation. Community water fluoridation is "the controlled addition of fluoride compound to a public water supply to achieve a concentration optimal for dental caries prevention" (Rockville,2000, cited in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015, p.1). Notwithstanding the general perception of community water fluoridation worldwide, which recognizes it as an opportunity, some opponents see it as a hazard

  • Why Fluoride Is Dangerous And Harmful

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    adding chemicals such as fluoride into city water supplies. The public is told that it is just to conserve their health but we have created the illusion for ourselves that fluoride is added for other reasons, I.E. population control and to lower our IQ. So why are governments doing this? I thought that it would be interesting to find out why fluoride is added to our water and if it is really necessary. Intro: Most people know fluoride as a chemical added to water and toothpaste to improve dental health

  • Dental Fluoridation

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    was naturally occurring fluoride in the drinking water (McClure, 1970). The first water fluoridation project began in 1945 in Grand

  • Water Flow of Flouride

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    First of all, naturally fluoridated water has fluorine levels of approximately 0.4 mg/L, while artificially fluoridated water can have levels up to 1.0mg/L. This long-term ingestion of excess fluorine can lead to fluorosis which may negatively impact teeth and bones. Dental fluorosis occurs during tooth development. Teeth are mostly composed of hydroxylapatite, which is a mineral form of calcium. When intake of fluoride increases, it also increases apatite content, creating white streaks and in more