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  • Colin Singleton Character Analysis

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    named Katherine, because girls named ‘Katherine’ were his “type”. He has also been dumped by all of these Katherine’s, except number three. Then, at the end of the novel he’s dating a girl named ‘Lindsey’, not Katherine. Which is probably his “eureka moment” that he’s been looking for ever since he was a little boy. That’s probably the biggest character change in this book. Major Theme The overall theme of the book is finding yourself and who you are. There are several small themes that are seen

  • Essay on Myths Surrounding Innovation

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    “There are myths surrounding creativity. The intangible nature of creativity does not lend itself to easy definition”. Introduction The intangible nature of creativity does not have a specific definition for it. However, creativity can refer to many things that differ and which also over laps many other elements. (jjenna: 2003). “creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize idea, alternatives, or possibilities that may be used to solving problems, communicating with other

  • Choosing A Career And Career Challenges In My Life

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    Choosing a career is difficult for everyone. There are personality tests and quizzes to help us choose, but nothing compares to the eureka moment that hits you when you least expect it. My eureka moment happened over Christmas of my junior year. I anxiously researched the best universities, compiled admission statistics, and started a list of which colleges I would visit. With little idea of what I wanted to do, I weighed my options. Career Education and Career Literacy did an adequate job supplying

  • The Benefits Of Sleeping On A Problem Essay

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    The Benefits of Sleeping on a Problem Introduction If you’re like most people, you have probably been told, when you’re struggling with a problem or decision, that it’s a good idea to sleep on it. It’s something that people say so frequently that it has become something of a cliché. Like most clichés, though, it turns out that there’s some truth to it. In 1865, a German chemist named Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz solved a problem that had been puzzling scientists for decades. He published

  • My Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Writing

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    Have you ever cleaned out your closet and found many items you never knew you owned? That is the way English 101 felt to me. I learned important skills and techniques that I will maintain even though the course is over. I will be constantly improving what I have learned—meaning I will work to carry about my strengths and eliminate my remaining weaknesses. English 101 has helped me grow as a reader, a writer, and most importantly a person. My writing has progressed during the term by becoming more

  • The Day Before Cross Country

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    and getting into the mode before our big race. My team always kind of had that relaxing effect on me. Over the season, we’d really bonded, and just being with them made me happier. It was a short ride over to the course, going from our school in Eureka over to the Great Oaks Community Church in Germantown Hills. Shortly, we made our way into Germantown Hills and pulled into the church parking lot. Wack. The bus driver opened the doors, and we stepped off the bus and claimed our camp area. The atmosphere

  • Exploring Time And Space In Bender's Futurama

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    the popular animated series, Futurama. This program is one of my favorites to binge on Netflix. I’ve spent countless nights watching this group travel through time and space. Some regard this show as immature and inane, but it definitely has its moments. In one particular episode, one of the main characters, Bender, meets a godlike entity in deep space. This entity tells him, “When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.” I found this excerpt immensely profound, not

  • Descriptive Essay Volleyball Game

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    I felt like I could do anything. The moment was extremely surreal. I hadn’t accomplished anything so arduous in my life. The crowd’s cheers were thundering through my body. I had so much adrenaline coursing through my veins that I wasn’t even weary. People were jumping up and down, screaming in victory, and clapping so loud I couldn’t hear myself think. I couldn’t believe that I had just won the State Championship volleyball game. My seventh grade volleyball team had a fantastic season. We had won

  • I Am A Pedophile But Not A Monster By Todd Nickerson

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    In the article “I’m a pedophile but not a monster” by Todd Nickerson. He tells the story about when he was a little boy he sees a younger girl, and he was attracted to her. He explains what happened to him to cause him to think the way he does. He argues that although he identifies himself as a pedophile. He is in fact a not a monster. Nickerson argues that there is a difference between what he identifies himself as and what others think of him. Nickerson uses a strong pathos appeal to convince the

  • Character Analysis: An Abundance Of Katherines

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    What does it mean to matter? To make a difference? To be something or someone? In John Green’s novel, An Abundance of Katherines, Colin Singleton struggles with his existence and the meaning of his life, as many other teenagers do. Colin, although, is not like most teenagers. Colin is the smartest child in his town, he attended the gifted school that his mother taught at, and he had been dumped by nineteen girls, all who were named Katherine, with a K. When Katherine XIX broke up with Colin, it ruined