A Special Day

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  • My Day In Thailand

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    wrapping around my friend's arms, jumping and running like crazy and singing along with them after school. But when they don’t wrap their arms around me, I would cry and felt lonely. I don't know why I would cry just for that. Well, here’s a story of my day in Thailand. Preschool was fun for me in Thailand. The teachers taught us how to sing different songs about our culture and the alphabets. We also did some math problems too. I totally forgot what I learned specifically now though. I was known as

  • My First Day

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    Sunday, June 25, 2017, was a special day for me when I stepped into a different world, or I would say the real world. I started first of my job at Ross. I had never felt very different before. I felt like a grown teenager, not the one who used to act like a kid and be rude to others. I had significant changes from that day on as if I was in a different world and I became a whole new person. I would really like to share how it’s a special day for me and how I felt a different world. I woke that

  • Special Day Analysis

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    Ms. Earls, administration, faculty members, family, friends and 2016 graduates, today I welcome you to this special day. A day to reflect on the past and focus on the future. First, I like to mention that we come a long way from our four years together. We started here (from the bottom) and now we're here. We are the first class to graduate from this school with no ties to the old high school. We built unforgettable memories together here in this school. Especially from our pep rallies, although

  • My Special Day

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    I arrive at my front porch with the last bit of Dutch chocolate cake from my birthday party at work. It’s inside a glorious glass display my co-workers purchased. My boss gave me the rest of the day off. How else better to celebrate my special day than with my husband? I reach into my purse, rummage through the makeup and sticks of chewing gum, and pull out my house key. After turning the lock and entering my home, I call out, “Mason! I’m home!” “Paige? You’re home early!” He calls back in a surprised

  • My Special Day

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    Today is my dad’s birthday! I know that we are inviting some close friends over to celebrate his special day, but no one is here at the moment. Because none of my friends have shown up, I begin to play by myself. I know they are coming but I thought they would be here by now. I am lonely and I wish someone was here to play with me. As people are filling the yard, I am not recognizing any of the adults at the party. As of now, I am alone so I take my dog Goldie out to the deepest part of my backyard

  • Special Day Research Paper

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    A special day to me was the one where my mom, Grace, Lane, and me went to Magic Springs together. It was very fun, we rode a lot of rides, went to a concert, and had fun on the way back. First thing that made it a special day is that we had fun and rode rides. The first ride we rode was big bad John. The second ride we rode was the hawk and it was fun, but scary. Lastly the third ride we rode was the gauntlet, it was fun, however it scared me a lot. The second thing that made it a special day is

  • What Is A Special Day Essay

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    Most people remember one day that was special. Think about a special day you have had and write an essay explaining why that day was so special. Special days are the ones that you spend with your mom, your dad, or your grandparents. Special days are when you have fun. In the Spring Break that has passed, I went to visit my step-mom, my step-brothers, and my dad in Houston with some of my grandparents, my cousins, and my aunt. After some days had past, more of my family came. Houston is a big city

  • Essay On My Special Day

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    Today was your special day and just like everyone else I wish you the best and I just want you to be happy. I have no expensive gifts or big surprise for you today. What I had right now, actually ever since day one was only my love and friendship. Sounds corny and quite mellow but I guess that’s the only thing I can give you. Today, as I count it again it’s been two years, five months and ten days since the last time I saw you. It was quite that long, but I can still remember that day. Every memory

  • My Special Day Essay

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    dear to my heart till this very day not because it was my birthday but because it was a day that altered my life forever and made me who I am today. April 8th was celebrated quietly in the Hallo household annually but during the year 2012, there was a modification. I myself could feel it because usually during my special day I was always the first to wake up but the year 2012 came with a change, I was the last to wake up that day which was rare on any given day for I am the type of person who admires

  • A Special Day In My Life

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    A special day when something unusual or memorable happened, was when I was able to be with my family after the hurricane Irma. I was with my father and his family. During the hurricane, I was worried because I wasn't able to be in contact with my mom, and my other side of my family. My family where I live was so worried also because I was supposed to travel earlier, we got our flight canceled several times. I was so upset I wasn't able to have electricity, my mom trying to get in contact with everyone