Abnormality Essay

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  • Application Paper

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    his own fate when his actions became more pronounced and more severe. Throughout his stay, he was denied many of his rights as a mental patient and was subjected to wrongful treatment from the staff of the institution. According to the text, abnormality can be defined by comparing the behavior of the person in question to a set of criteria. This set of

  • Abnormal Behavior And Aberrant Behavior

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    While no commonly recognized definition of the term ‘abnormality’ exists to examine the observations described below, most descriptions of aberrant behavior share some common aspects, namely, deviance, dysfunction, danger and distress (“four Ds”). In other words, mental aberration patterns are usually deviant (atypical, out of the ordinary, radical, possibly even strange), distressing (distasteful and disturbing to the individual), potentially dangerous, and dysfunctional (hampering the individual’s

  • Abnormality

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    Abnormality, according to Merriam Webster (2014), is defined as something that is not usual, expected, or normal. But how do we know what is normal and what it is not? There are many criteria professionals in mental health field use to identify abnormal behavior, but there is still no criterion that fully defines abnormality (Barlow & Durand, 2015). Some of those criteria are unusualness, maladaptive behavior, dangerousness, emotional distress and social deviance (McLeod, 2008). I will describe

  • Correlation And Gonadal Abnormalities And Chromosomal Abnormalities

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    Even if the percentage for hormonal and gonadal abnormalities is more compared to chromosomal abnormalities in SA, cytogenetic investigation is a must. The percentage of total CA (16%) in SA of the present study will hold good with previous studies which vary from 5 – 33.3% and pure numerical abnormalities (45,X; 47,XXX) could not be observed (table 3). The CA observed was only X mosaicism in two of the studies (gupta, Butnarui) as compared to present study (16/43%). The percentage for X mosaicism

  • Abnormality In Childhood

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    Children who have committed murder have been diagnosed with a problem that separates them from a normal child (Hays, Solway and Schreiner, 1978). The problems raised all evolve around the functioning of the brain. Having an abnormality in the brain can lead to a series of diagnoses, loss of control over the body and mind, and the use of pharmaceuticals (Sue et al, 2015). The drugs children are prescribed may be enhancing the bad behaviour as it alters the brain and its functioning, for example the

  • Statistical Abnormality

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    My understanding of abnormality or “statistical abnormality” is that not all abnormalities are linked with mental disorders. It is my understanding that an abnormality simply means that an individual scored higher or lower than average in intelligence, anxiety, or depression. Some individuals who experience these extreme highs or lows in dimensions such as anxiety or depression may be diagnosable for a mental disorder, as extreme high or low feelings of either depression or anxiety can be symptoms

  • Diabetes Neuropathy : A Neurological Disorder Associated With Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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    Diabetes neuropathy (DN) is a neurological disorder associated with Diabetes Mellitus (DM), also known as Type-2 diabetes (Menz, Lord, St George, & Fitzpatrick, 2004). Diabetes neuropathy has many integral complications that circulate around the biomechanical impairments of the feet, especially in the elderly population with diabetes (Richardson, Thies, DeMott, & Ashton-Miller, 2005). DN has worrying health risks as it has harmful effects on stability, gait efficiency and function (Menz, Morris,

  • Congenital Condition Of Congenital Heart Defects

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    (single gene defects, chromosomal abnormality) and or environmental (multifactorial, teratogens) or unknown factors (Michels and Ricardi 1990). From literature, it is seen, that 6 percent of CHDs are due to chromosomal abnormality (Greenwood et al. 1975). Conversely, the reported incidence of CHDs among individuals with chromosomal abnormality is around 30 percent. Objectives: In this paper, it is aimed to find out the occurrence of the chromosomal abnormality and its association to CHDs in consecutively

  • Psychological Abnormality

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    1) Psychological abnormality may include deviance, distress, dysfunction, and danger. First, briefly explain what each term means in this context. Then, for each term, provide a specific example of when it (e.g., distress) would be considered “normal” and, separately, an example of when it would be considered “abnormal”. Last, explain why is it important to understand this distinction. Abnormality can be defined differently by different people. What one person considers abnormal may not be for

  • Transitioning To Abnormality

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    Many people don't realize abnormality of transitioning to a new school. Ever since first grade I attended a small private catholic school called St. Pats. I went to St. Pats with the same kids for eight years. After the eighth grade, the majority of my classmates decided to go to Mission for high school. I on the other hand decided to go to Arroyo Grande High School, because I wanted a more “normal” education. I knew it wasn't going to be easy starting over, but I was up for the challenge. Transitioning