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  • Ac / Dc Essay

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    Hailing out of Australia, AC/DC is a legendary band, that had two major singers who both sang in their own unique ways. In February 1980, AC/DC suffered the loss of their singer, Bon Scott, from alcohol poisoning and hypothermia. This set the future of AC/DC for the rest of their careers. After the death of Bon Scott and within that same year, AC/DC acquired Brian Johnson and made their first album together Back in Black. They released the classic song “Back in Black”, but there are many misheard

  • Essay on A Brief History of Hard Rock

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    longer interested in just heard rock. To this day a few bands such as AC/DC and Foreigner are still holding sold out concerts and completely refuse to ever cease, even though the public would never let it happen. On New Year’s Eve 1974, one of the greatest rock bands to have ever existed took the stage for the first time. This band is known as AC/DC. The band first debuted at Chequers, a nightclub in Sydney, Australia. AC/DC received their name from what was printed on the outlet of the

  • Performance Evaluation: AC-DC

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    Performance Evaluation-AC-DC I watched an AC-DC concert DVD recorded June of 1991. I chose this because my dad loves AC/DC and I have really never known who they are or listened to any of their music. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get insight on a type of music that is new to me and to learn why my dad likes them so much. The group AC/DC consisted of Brian Johnson(vocals), Angus Young(lead guitar), Malcolm Young(rhythm guitar and vocals), Chris Slade(drums) and Cliff Williams(drums)

  • The War Showing No Signs Of Ending, The Watergate Scandal And The Vietnam War

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    Davis Hinshaw Mrs Weide American History II 4 December 2016 The 1980s With the cold war showing no signs of ending, the watergate scandal and the vietnam war it was no surprise that the 1980s were a complete explosion of counterculture and mistrust in the government. The election of former actor Ronald Reagan kickstarted the 1980s with his optimistic ideas he appealed to many americans. He was running against former president Jimmy Carter, Reagan won the election with 51% of electoral vote. He promised

  • Tunes to Tune Up Your Body to

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    guitarists. Just listen to the dedication that the band puts into their music. Even though this song may be old, I guarantee that it make your workout rock. AC/DC: “Back in Black” Another classic rock song. AC/DC’s “Back in Black” offers hard hitting guitar movements, and the heavy rock vocals drive you to victory.Prior to recording this song, AC/DC’s lead vocalist had passed away and they had to get a new one. This song brought them back to their feet after their a tragic lost, and should bring you

  • Similarities Between Hard Rock And Hard Rock Music

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    Hard rock and heavy metal, not a solid mineral or a substance on a periodic table, but music. Heavy metal and hard rock, both categories of the expansive rock genre. Even though rooted in the same tree, these subgenera's have expanded to an indistinguishable sounds, and both have cemented names into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their origins were not different. Starting in England, landed a multitude of large groups rising the post war industry of 1960s. Bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd

  • Rock Band: AC/DC

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    rock band”, most people answer AC/DC. Despite being one of the oldest rock bands that are still active, AC/DC is still famous and well known among generations. The band has been around for more than 40 years and has been globally recognized as one of the most influential band to the pop culture of rock and roll. The band has a history of rotating members, yet the band is able to retain its famous characteristic in the music: energetic, eccentric, and raw. The band AC/DC (which stands for alternating

  • Boxing : Personal Narrative

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    Since I was a kid I have always wanted to box and when I got older my parents finally let me box. They thought that I was going to be irresponsible and cause problems but then the summer going into ninth grade my father let me start boxing. I started off learning the basics simple combinations and how to move my feet the right way. I loved boxing at first then I grew to hate it as it got more difficult for me. My father wanted me to stay in boxing so I could learn to defend myself, but I didn’t care

  • My Memories Of My Life

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    Our life is full of joy and interesting like a garden filled with a variety of flowers that gave colorful, contentment and comfort. Sometimes we felt like a donut that there is a hole in the middle, tasteless, no filling that gave as challenge in our lives. One day, my happiest moment in my life, when I was started as a freshmen student, I handled myself with a red that full of love and passion. And talked to my new classmates with joy of yellow like a sunflower. Build with strong foundation that

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of DC-AC Transverter

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    ABSTRACT Now a days, the switching power supply market is flourishing quickly. The trend is for DC-AC converters with low cost, higher efficiency, power saving that enable maximum features. In this project, a single-stage three-switch buck-boost inverter is designed, where stepping up, stepping down and inversion operation will takes place in single stage. This proposed inverter will overcome all the drawbacks of traditional one. Coupled inductor plays a very important role in energy transfer and