Acrobatic gymnastics

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  • Hunger In The Hunger Game

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    Katniss, it reminds me that I was an acrobatic school in my 13 years old. Everyone attending the school had extraordinarily strict dietary restriction. Chocolates, chips, breads, cookies are snacks that were prohibited. Rice and noodle were limited to only a small amount for eating, because they are high carb and high starch food. We were only allowed low calorie food to maintain our physiques even though we were extremely active and were required to practice acrobatics on a regular basis. We didn’t eat

  • Dance Reflection Paper

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    On December 8th, 2017 I viewed the Martial Artists and Acrobats of Tianjin at the Walton Arts Center. I enjoyed several different aspects of the performance. The choreography and the costumes conveyed different ideas to the audience. Sometimes the choreography was slow and sad, other times it was upbeat and happy. This variety provided a gratifying experience to those in the house. Throughout the show, you could recognize a distinctive theme relating back to the title. The dances depicted hobbies

  • What Is Cirque Du Soleil?

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    Cirque du Soleil is known for gravity-defying, seemingly impossible stunts. When watching the incredible acrobatic performances, the audience usually forgets that the performers risk their lives almost every show. A show apart of Cirque du Soleil is Kà, it goes down as the most expensive theatrical showing ever created. With a budget of $165 million, it has some of the most incredible technical elements one will ever see. Along with these elements come danger. The show has seen a number of accidents

  • Research Paper On Espresso's Circus

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    Meta: Throwing all things bright and bubbly to one side, Pogo’s Circus is a game from Espresso that embraces the horror. Featuring nothing short of a living nightmare, will you survive long enough to scoop the jackpot? Pogo’s Circus Review When it comes to entertainment, there is nothing that quite rivals that of the circus. From the animals to the daredevil performers, there is no denying that the circus has it all and then some. Speaking of the circus, that’s what proves to be the inspiration

  • Physical Fitness

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    Physical education (often abbreviated Phys. Ed. or P.E.) or gymnastics(gym or gym class) is a course taken during primary and secondary educationthat encourages psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting. Physical education trends have developed recently to incorporate a greater variety of activities. Introducing students to activities like bowling, walking/hiking, or Frisbee at an early age can help students develop good activity habits that will carry over into adulthood.

  • Cheerleading Is A Sport

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    This formula has remained for decades in many sports such as soccer and football, in which cheerleaders are represented as “bimbos” animating the game and entertaining the crowd. Cheerleading is a regrouping of three sports: dancing, stunt and gymnastics, yet most people do not believe it is a sport. But what exactly makes something an activity, a hobby, a sport? According to the Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors, a sport is “a physical activity or a competition against an opponent

  • Gymnastics Summer Training Essay

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    Introduction This periodization training program is designed for women gymnasts overall at the Olympic level. Women’s Gymnastics consists of four different events which include uneven bars, beam, vault, and floor exercises (Gymnastics Artistic, 2015). Gymnasts perform complete vaults in different positions after exploding off the springboard and pushing off the table (Gymnastics Artistic, 2015).The uneven bars require upper-body strength,and precision timing to perform well in this event. The gymnast

  • Reflection Paper

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    sticking to gymnastics which I had done forever or taking a leap of faith and trying out for cheer. I choose to tryout for cheer. I had grown up doing gymnastics, I loved the sport. I couldn’t possibly imagine myself anything other than a gymnast, but I decided to try out for my high school cheer team. I was unsure what the outcome was going to be, I was fearful of failure by not making it on the team as that was a big possibility due to my lack of experience. I felt safe in gymnastics, I was comfortable

  • Simone Biles Research Paper

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    mother was addicted to certain substances. Her sister was born two years after her. Her sister’s name is Adria Biles. As a child, Simone was homeschooled. Her sister was homeschooled with her. Simone did not go to gymnastics class to begin with. She went on a daycare field trip to a gymnastic arena. She then started doing a backflips off her mailbox after

  • Evolution Of Cheerleading Essay

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    Put down your pom-poms and prepare to learn a whole lot about the cheerleading you used to know. Throughout time, cheer has developed into an intense sport with elements of risk and danger. No longer are our squads dismissed while cheering on the sidelines for other teams to win. Today each cheer team is working their way to be the champion of their own division. Cheerleading has evolved throughout history into one of the fastest growing sports today; All Star competitive cheerleading. Competitive