Danforth Avenue

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  • Medusa Brewing Company Narrative Report

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    currently vacant and is approximately 14,757 SF. The lot is bordered to the west by the Danforth Brook, with Houghton Street to the east, South Street to the South, and a one story commercial structure to the north. There is a footbridge southwesterly of the site which connects to a parking lot. The site is flat with an elevation change of 1 foot from the northern property line to south street. The Danforth Brook is a perennial stream, with a running water depth of roughly one foot. The bottom of

  • Brixton: A Complex History of the Past and Present

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    As it has gone through economic, socio-cultural and ethnic change as an inner city area. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the changes and factors that make Brixton a complex place or landscape. It was interesting to discover that Electric Avenue was the first street in all of London to run electricity in 1895 and the idea of shopping changed for years to come as electricity was integrated into everything. The Brixton market began on Atlantic Road and spread to Brixton road as well as the

  • The Crucible Reputation Essay

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    In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the people of Salem, Massachusetts prove time and time again that they care more about their reputations than the events that are taking place and how these events are affecting the people around them. Having a good reputation can be a good thing but when being concerned about your reputation clouds your judgement, that is when it becomes a dilemma. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller uses having a good reputation, the character of Parris, and how reputation

  • Abuse Power In The Crucible

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    abuses his power is Judge Danforth. Danforth ran all the trials for the witches , and was completely unfair. He made it basically impossible for an accused witch to be innocent. He also didn’t allow suspects to have lawyers or anyone give information that disagreed with him. He considered different opinions as “contempt of court”. When Mr. Nurse was clashing with Danforth over the issue, Danforth said, “do you know who I am, Mr. Nurse?”(Act lll, Scene l) This shows that Danforth has the cocky mindset

  • The Crucible Danforth's Downfall Essay

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    tragedy was a group effort, one such member played a higher role in the destruction. Judge Danforth, the epitome of theocracy at the time believed you were either for God, or you were not, and there was no road in between. This quickly caused destruction as the system of society began to turn on itself. Those who did not know their commandments were assumed to be cavorting with the devil, and Judge Danforth, power hungry with lynchings, called all the shots. It is evident when he says, “And do you

  • The Crucible Essay

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    Danforth’s denial, therefore demonstrating human hypocrisy. Judge Danforth, a theocratic representative of God, similar to Proctor, recognizes he is at fault for the fate of many innocent people. However, being a representative of God and giving arrested so many, Danforth concludes that he cannot be wrong, despite his knowledge that the children are lying, which unmistakably proves his denial. During Act III, in the courthouse, Danforth tells Proctor, “Indeed not, but it strike hard upon me that she

  • The Crucible Reputation Analysis

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    Salem, Massachusetts 1692. Reputation is everything to the Puritans in Salem. The characters in, The Crucible, obsessed with it. THey know that reputation can save you, or kill you. Parris is the minister of Salem. He is very concerned about his reputation and what his enemies could do to him. When Betty was “asleep” after dancing in the woods with Abigail, Parris freaks out and delays addressing the issue because he doesn’t want his reputation to be ruined. He is also very concerned about his

  • The Role Of The Puritans

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    The Puritans The Puritans were a group of people who were set out to get away from the British colony. They came into America to start a new life set apart from their past experiences in a monarch society. Their intentions were to purify the churches of England of their Catholic way. They are a group who worship the Bible. They expect all other Puritans to know their Ten Commandments. They are one of the first groups to inhabit America. The first actual people were the Native Americans and then

  • The Role Of Reputation Within The Crucible

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    Raj Gautam Mr.Cowell Honors English 10 22 February 2016 The Role of reputation within in the The Crucible In Salem, Massachusetts no act is private. Sins conducted within one’s home or in seclusion are eventually discovered by the public. The attendance of church is monitored and those caught dilly dallying outside of church during mass are punished. Everything anyone does becomes knowledge to the public. One’s entire name rested upon their ability to follow the rules of the Bible. When a group of

  • Essay On Intolerance In The Crucible

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    tends to be deeply rooted into a person’s beliefs. Judge Danforth is a paragon for narrow-mindedness in The Crucible. He demonstrates this narrow-mindedness on numerous occasions. When he is given definite proof that Abigail is lying about her accusations, he ignores them and calls John Proctor a liar. Another example of this narrow-mindedness was when his court was considered questionable by Reverend Hale. Hearing this accusation, Danforth swiftly reacts and reaffirms his beliefs in the authority