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  • Overview Of Alcoa Intalco Aluminum

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    Milestone 1: Overview of Alcoa Intalco Aluminum Works This short paper will discuss a general overview of Alcoa Intalco Aluminum Works with different aspects of the business in pertaining to either a preparation for a new product launch or new method created specifically in the hope of reducing costs that will save the company, not just money but the jobs of hundreds of employees currently employed there. Brief History Intalco Aluminum Corp., was the original name of Alcoa Intalco Works, which is

  • Alcoa Inc

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    Alcoa INC. History view: Alcoa Inc is Aluminum Company of America. It is the world 's third largest producer of aluminum, behind Rio Tinto Alcan and Rusal. Alcoa conducts operations in 31 countries more than 200 locations. Alcoa is a world leader in the production and management of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum, and alumina combined, through its active and growing participation in all major aspects of the industry: technology, mining, refining, smelting, fabricating, and recycling.

  • Analysis Of Alcoa 's Core Practices

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    Introduction Last year, the community of Ferndale was in chaos over the upcoming curtailment of Alcoa Intalco Aluminum Works. This company strongly invested in its community ranging from charity works and investments to different scholarships offered for the vast beneficial of the community so when the rumor started, every employee suffered the upcoming turmoil with hard-work, dedications that exceeded expectations, continuous loyalty and grace. Over 500 jobs were hanging in the balance and the epidemic