Ammonium perchlorate

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  • An Exploration Of The Pepcon Disaster And Its Aftermath

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    Exploration of the PEPCON Disaster And Its Aftermath What began as normal repair work at the Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada (PEPCON) in May of 1988, resulted in devastation. PEPCON was one of two manufacturing facilities of Ammonium Perchlorate (AP), located in Clark County, NV, approximately 10 miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas (Lilley, 2012). AP is an oxidizer that when combined with aluminum makes the base for solid-state rocket fuel (Dunbar, 2006). Due to the recent Space

  • Synthetic Vs. Natural Polymers

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    Synthetic vs Natural Polymers in Conditioning Shampoos Introduction and Thesis Cosmetics have been used for thousands of years to enhance the visual appearance of people, either through ritualistic or aesthetic motivations. With the turn of the 20th Century, the growing trend of the film industry caused an uprising in the commercialism of cosmetic products. This coincided with the increasing development in the chemistry industry, to accommodate the multi-billion dollar industry which is present today

  • Essay on Ice Packs an Endothermic Reaction

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    * . Introduction Endothermic reactions are accompanied by the absorption of heat. The dissolving of ammonium nitrate in water is an example of an endothermic reaction. The solution resulting from this mixture is colder than either the ammonium nitrate or the water. This is the simple explanation of what happens in an instant ice pack. The more detailed information will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Cold Packs Most cold packs come with a fabric cover made to absorb condensation and

  • The Oil Pipeline Organizations And The Main Tin Smelter

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    noteworthy calamity happened to overall populace that for a long time after couldn 't be overlooked. It began on a brilliant and clear morning when the ship in the Texas City Harbor, The Grand Camp, loaded with ammonium nitrate compost, bound for war torn Europe, was ablaze. Ammonium nitrate is an exceptionally perilous and unstable material in the event that it is dangerously utilized, a similar material was utilized as a part of the Oklahoma bombarding. Since the flames in the port weren 't uncommon

  • I Had The Most Horrible Dreams

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    Alex awoke in a groggy stupor, confused and unaware of where she was. Angela, having seen that her sister was coming out of her slumber, sat down next to her on the edge of the sofa and began coaxing her into consciousness. “W-What happened?” asked Alex as she raised a hand up to her aching head. “Oh…” she whined, “I had the most awful dreams.” “Mama, Aunt Alex needs juice,” said Liam as he brought his small glass over to them. “It will make Aunt Alex sick no more.” “Yes,

  • Omnivores Dilemma

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    Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What You Eat (Young Reader’s Edition) - Grade 7 Originally published in New York: Dial Books, 2009. Learning Objective: The goal of this two day exemplar is to give students the opportunity to use the reading and writing habits they’ve been practicing on a regular basis to unpack Pollan’s investigative journalism of industrial farms. By reading and rereading the passage closely combined with classroom discussion about it, students will

  • Chemical Plant : A Big Industrial Center

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    major disaster befallen on the whole population that for many years after could not be forgotten. It all started on a bright and clear morning when the ship in the Texas City Harbor, The Grand Camp, full of ammonium nitrate fertilizers, destined for war torn Europe, was on fire. Ammonium nitrate is a highly dangerous and explosive material if it is unsafely used, the same material was used in Oklahoma bombing. Since the fires in the port weren 't rare, unfortunately people weren 't as alarmed as

  • West Fertilizer Company Case Study

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    ”[2] The CSB report found that a fire of unknown source caused the piles of stored ammonium nitrate to be covered with soot which heated up and eventually caused the ammonium nitrate to detonate. OSHA and the EPA, neither had regulations

  • Exothermic: Thermodynamics and Data Table

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    Heidi Duncan 11/24/13 Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions Lab The purpose of this lab is to observe how heat is released or absorbed with different chemicals. Data Table 1 – HCI and NaOH Trial 1 Trial 2 Avg Volume 1.0 M HCI(ml) 25 25 - Volume1.0 M NaOH (ml) 25 25 - Ti of HCI before mixing 20 20 - Ti of NaOH before mixing( 20 20 - Average Ti before mixing( 20 20 - Tf of mixture ) 26 26 - T ) 6 6 - Specific Heat (J/g) 4.184 4.184 - Heat, q (J) 1255.2

  • Compare And Contrast Ammonium Nitrate And Calcium Chloride

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    change in reaction to the addition of the ammonium nitrate and the calcium chloride? Background Information: The experiment deals with cold packs and hot packs and it demonstrates how they work. Cold packs and hot packs are used to help heal injuries mainly. Cold packs help heal sprained ankles, since they remove heat from the inflicted area and make the blood vessels tighten, which lowers the inflammation and pain. Cold packs usually include water, ammonium nitrate or some other salt and fertilizer