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  • Descriptive Essay - Original Song Of My Life

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    Feet dragging through a magically soft and grainy mixture, ankles experiencing the rush of a gentle ebb and flow, fingers weaving through the delicate yet power-bearing wind, it was a beautiful sensation that fit the cleanliness of the crisp air. A gentle swish of the wind whispers across my skin, contrasting harshly with the grating sound of barking in the distance that ground beneath the edges of my jaw. Large, white, noisy birds made sounds that rather resembled cackling. Children’s laughter flooded

  • Essay On Jacques Cousteau

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    How is it possible for scuba divers to stay underwater for a long period of time? A man named Jacques Cousteau made that all possible. His invention of the aqualung made scuba diving possible, letting people explore the underwater world. Jacques Cousteau was born on June 10, 1911 in Saint-Andre-de-Cubzac, France. When Jacques was a little boy, he had anemia which is a disease when there is not enough oxygen in the bloodstream. His doctor requested bed rest, so that meant that Jacques had to stay

  • Progressive Rock Era

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    The progressive rock era was primarily found and established in the late 1960s to the early 1970s. It primarily evolved due to a "mostly British attempt to elevate rock music to new levels of artistic credibility.” The primary characteristics of this genre is to push the boundaries of “rock’s technical and compositional boundaries.” By utilizing this idea, the songs produced incorporate elements from jazz, classical, and vary greatly depending on the background of the person. If a musician grew up

  • Speech About Deep Ocean Exploration

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    Lets talk about deep sea exploration.For many years scientist only wanted to see what was up.Know one wanted to see what was down.My question is why not go under water since 70% of our planet is under water.We have oceans all around us. So the things we find underwater can vary.We could find new animals,plants and corral. Let's talk about ocean geography 50 years ago humans thought the ocean only had fish and plants. . We can actually find the mountains

  • Ocean Explorer Jacques Coustu Research Paper

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    temperatures, and the very bad darkness. Throughout time people and scientists have developed different technology to explore the earth’s great waters. In the 1940’s, ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau helped invent the Aqualung. This device allowed divers to breathe under water. The Aqualung was a metal oxygen tank attached to a breathing tube that controlled the flow of oxygen. Scientists have since improved this and it is now known as SCUBA. Even the most experienced scuba divers can go down only 130

  • Diving : A Window Of An Unexplored World

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    has always been very curious about the ocean and its secrets. In the past centuries, countless numbers of inventions and experiments have been made in an attempt to maximize the time that a person can stay underwater. Thanks to a device called the aqualung, invented in 1943 by Jacques Cousteau, people were able to dive down and explore the ocean with his/her own air source without the need to be connected to an air source at the surface. Eventually, this lead to the formation of a subculture around

  • Taxation

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    Taxation Requirement 1 Part 1 (a) Explain what is meant by “income by ordinary concepts”. a) Ordinary income (s6-5) is an element of Assessable income. In the context of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 and ITAA 1997 assessable income is made up of Ordinary Income and Statutory Income. Assessable income includes income according to ordinary concepts which is called ordinary income s6-5(1). Legislatures and courts have consistently