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  • Datril Case

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    Exhibit 1: 5C Frame Customer | * 90% of customers uses aspirin based analgesics * Many of them are suffering from side effects such as upset stomach, irritation of the stomach lining, or an allergic reaction. * 10% of customers who generally visited doctors and who get prescription use acetaminophen thorough

  • Datril Case

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    price, $1.69 trade cost), leveraging Bristol-Myers’ brand name, and positioning Datril as an analgesic with similar relief effects to the those of the already successful, aspirin-based Bufferin and Excedin, but more gentle on the stomach, and without the side effects of aspirin. By doing so, Datril will primarily target aspirin users, specifically those from Bufferin’s and Excedin’s current consumer base, who suffer from upset stomach. I explain my rationale below. According to the case, when Datril

  • Chemical Reactions And Synthesis Of Organic Compounds

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    are manipulated behind the chemistry of its design. A particular category of drugs: NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) is one the most common types of medication utilised to treat a range of conditions associated with the human body. Aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen are among the category of NSAIDs (Deruiter, 2002, p.1). The product formed by the basis of organic chemistry provides the insight that organic compounds can be morphed and designed in a way to produce a particular product

  • Using Scientific Language And Should Address The Purpose Of The Experiment

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    Introduction The section should be discussing the theory behind the reaction. The theory needs to be discussed using scientific language and should address the purpose of the experiment. The whole section should be approximately one, grammatically correct paragraph. Moreover, this section should be original and not copied from the lab procedure. Please focus on the chemistry behind the reaction and discuss what steps are happening in the reaction or why the technique is important. Thin-layer chromatography

  • Synthesis of Aspirin

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    objective was to convert a specific amount of salicylic acid into the same amount of aspirin that was high in purity. Furthermore, the other objectives were to enable students to conduct the synthesis of aspirin, reinforce skills or recrystallisation and the technique of melting point determination. The amount of each compound should be the same because there is a 1:1 ratio between them. The purity of the synthesized aspirin was measured by determining its melting point and percent yield. Soluble impurities

  • Clinical Experience Assignment : Clinical Assessment

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    Clinical Experience Assignment # 1 Virender Kaur California State University, Bakersfield Clinical Experience Assignment # 1 An issue that I encountered during one of my clinical rotations at Bakersfield Heart Hospital was between a nurse and a physician. My preceptor and I were taking care of a patient with Marfan syndrome who came the night before with shortness of breath and extreme pain in his whole body. The patient told us that his pain is 9/10, and the pain medications are

  • Sample Resume : ' Pharmacotherapy Workup Notes Care Plan '

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    rabeprazole 20mg, 1 tablet once daily. QB is diagnosed with gastric ulcer. His symptoms are nausea, vomiting, stomach fullness, and bloating. His other medical conditions are: acute coronary syndrome and osteoporosis. His current medications are: aspirin 81mg (1 tablet once daily), clopidogrel 75mg (1 tablet once daily), amlodipine 5mg (1 tablet once daily), trandolapril 2mg (1 tablet once daily), rosuvastatin 20mg (1 tablet once daily), and ACT-Etidrocal (etidronate 400mg/calcium carbonate 500mg)

  • Treatments for a Migraine Essay

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    What is a migraine? What causes a migraine to start? How can you treat a migraine? And can you prevent a migraine? Migraines are painful as well as has impact on how your go about your day. Also, it can impact how you feel about yourself, as well as how you interact with important people in your life. In this paper, I will explain what is a migraine, describe how they start, explain how can migraines can be treated, and explain how to prevent migraines. A migraine is a common type headache. In addition

  • The Pathophysiology Of Ischaemic Stroke

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    Introduction: Mr X, a 60 year- old Caucasian male, admitted to the stroke unit with a diagnosis Left MCA infract. He presented to the emergency department right sided hemiparesis, neglect of affected limbs, dysphasia and right side facial droop. He was on cardiac monitor for close observation for 48 hours. Stroke critical care pathway and commenced and care provided as per protocol.. Stroke is a serious and deadly condition including cerebral circulation within the brain and can extremely affect

  • Reaction Paper On Salicylates

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    Salicylates are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents that are widely used as antipyretic, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory products. Variety of prescriptions and over-the-counter preparations contain salicylates, therefore chronic dosing which can cause toxicity is a common emergency problem. Salicylates are weak acids and well absorbed from the stomach and small intestine. Peak plasma salicylate levels occur in 15 to 20 minutes after ingestion of therapeutic doses, whereas with overdose peak serum