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  • Paper On Migraines

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    In the last few years of my life I began to experience migraines. At first, I assumed they were headaches. My knowledge of migraines was limited. I knew that my migraines begin as a mild pain in my forehead (a headache), and progress to pain on the sides of my head accompanied by intense throbbing. This pain causes me to have a sensitivity to light and sound, I cannot focus, and they usually last a matter of hours. Occasionally they are longer, as sometimes I will go to bed with a migraine and wake

  • Symptoms And Treatments Of Aspirin

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    told to take low-dose aspirin every day as a preventative measure against heart attack and stroke. It 's most commonly prescribed for patients with congestive heart failure. This is the inability of your heart to pump as much blood as your body needs. And this is a big worry to me, because there is very little evidence that aspirin helps. In fact, regular use of aspirin -- even baby aspirin -- can do you more harm than good. Common Aspirin Beliefs The idea is that aspirin thins the blood, making

  • Case Study Of Aspirin

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    • Aspirin – aspirin can be used to treat pain in dogs. It is generally safe to use and it lessens inflammation and swelling, as well as aids in reducing your dog’s fever, if he has any. It is important to note that aspirin should only be used on a short-period of time as long-term use will lead to the destruction of cartilage and will make joint problems worse. DOSAGE: 5-10mg per pound of your dog’s body weight given twice a day (one dose every 12 hours) DANGEROUS FOR DOGS with:  Bleeding disorders

  • Essay Acid Base Extraction

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    Acid Base Extraction The purpose of this laboratory assignment was two-fold, first, we were to demonstrate the extraction of acids and bases, finally, determining what unknowns were present. Second, we were to extract caffeine from tea. These two assignment will be documented in two separate entities. Introduction: Acid/base extraction involves carrying out simple acid/base reactions in order to separate strong organic acids, weak organic acids neutral organic compounds and basic organic substances

  • Symptoms And Symptoms Of Migraine Awareness

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    Migraine Awareness Have you or a loved one ever been victim of migraines? In the United States, more than thirty-seven million people are victims of this condition, more than twelve percent of the population (Migraine Statistics 1). A migraine is “a recurrent throbbing that typically affects one side of the head and is usually accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision” (Google 1). Migraines mostly occur in females, with eighteen percent, followed by six percent of males that fall prey to the disease

  • A Short Note : The Essay Psypte

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    The world’s first digital medicinal tablet has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is called ABILIFY MYCITE, aripiprazole as generic, which contains a tiny sensor and activated by the stomach juices after ingestion. The tiny sensor communicates to a patch worn by the patient. The readings received by the patch are transmitted to a smartphone or tablet, notifying the patient’s doctor or health care provider every time the tablet is swallowed by the patient. It passes through the

  • Case Study On Tinnitus Miracle

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    Tinnitus Miracle is a natural treatment option for curing tinnitus. The solution is delivered as a self-help eBook guide comprising step-by-step instructions on how to eliminate tinnitus symptoms. Tinnitus is a condition that affects the hearing system and is characterized by whooshing, buzzing, and a host of other ringing sounds that vary from mild to severe. Evidently, Tinnitus can cause lots of discomfort and even pain in some cases. What's more, the condition affects 20% of the total world population

  • Lab Report On Aspirin

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    The purpose of this lab experiment is to study a simple esterification reaction, producing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), thus becoming familiar with synthetic chemistry tools and techniques. Introduction1 Organic molecules can be classified based on the functional groups that they possess. One of these classes is esters, which are produced from an acid and an alcohol as shown in the following figure. Figure 1: Reaction of a carboxylic acid and an alcohol to form and ester.2 Based on the

  • The Creed: The Aspirin God

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    here in the United States is something millions of people would kill for I stopped being so selfish and my belief in the Santa Claus God slowly started dissipating and I started forming a new type of faith. This realization led to my belief in the Aspirin God. This form of God gains it’s reputation by receiving prayer from those in pain. As a

  • Aspirin: The Miracle Drug Essay

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    The over the counter medication once known only for its ability of easing aches and pains or fighting off fever and inflammation is proving itself to be quite the miracle drug. Aspirin has become part of the protocol for stroke victims as a preventative measure due to its neuro-protective benefits. Stroke can cause lesions in cerebral white matter, which may result in cognitive impairments such as deficits in learning and memory. White matter lesions (WML) have also been linked to increasing the