Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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1.1 Overview

In this modern era, technology may have seem to be taking its limit off, be it in any kind of industry. Where in aviation, the innovation keeps continuing to discover new ideas. World-wide no longer discuss about The Wright Brothers, the main spotlight now has been given to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (best known for its acronym UAV). This is where the drones and robotics story comes together in much more advance collaboration.

UAV is a type of aircraft designed for no-onboard pilot or passenger. It can be flown by a pilot at a ground control station or can be flown autonomoously based on pre-programmed flight. The earliest recorded use of an unmanned aerial vehicle for warfighting occurred on August 22, 1849, when the Austrians attacked the Italian city of Venice with unmanned balloons loaded with explosives [1]. Later on, the invention is being innovated for many applications. In the 21st century, technology reached a point of sophistication that the UAV is now being given a greatly expanded role in many areas of aviation.

As for today, technology has become reachable to everyone. Materials, machines, software, systems, tools and even ideas can be shared and spared. The access to technology lets new generations creates better idea to apply in daily lives, easily. These ideas were then shaped for many purposes including what is visible today. Entertainment, surveillance, military uses, as well as monitoring crops and electrical

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