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  • Sony Music Entertainment Case Study

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    history. Sony Music Entertainment, also known as SME, is one the “Big Three” American music companies. As one of the “Big Three,” formerly known as American Record Corporation, SME has gone through a number of name changes and acquired many acquisitions. In 2004, Sony and Bertelsmann established a joint venture called Sony BMG Music Entertainment, joining together CBS Records and BMG’s Ariola, Arista, and RCA Records. In 2008, Sony acquired Bertelsmann’s stake and BMG’s labels. Sony Music Entertainment

  • Music Industry And How Serious The Music Piracy

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    happened in China music industry and how serious the music piracy in China music market? This paper will first present some news happened in recent years in China music factory about the music infringement lawsuits. Then it will show the whole trend and distribution of music sales in China. It will also use the microeconomic models to analyze the societal benefits under the situation of without and with piracy. Then the paper will give some discussion of existing literature about the music piracy. Keywords:

  • Reflection Report On The Riaec Code

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    Career Reflection Report: A.S.E. The RIASEC code which was obtained from the interest inventory test is artistic, social, and enterprising. People who have an artistic interest will tend to allow their creativity to flow within them and not usually bounded by rules and regulations. For example, in our daily life we prefer not to follow the cooking instructions, but just go with the flow using whatever ingredients we have within our reach. At the same time, artistic people tend to have a high level

  • Current Situation of Sony Entertainment

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    Facts and Starting points for Sony Music Entertainment Chapter 1: Mission, Vision Core Competences Mission Sony BMG does not have a publicized mission statement. However, the mother company Sony has changed its mission statements several times in history, whereas it is the following: ‘’To become a leading global provider of networked consumer electronics, entertainment and services.’’ (Sony 2010) Vision Equal to the mission, SONY BMG does not have a publicized vision. The general vision of

  • Piracy of Digitized Music Essay

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    The music industry has developed in a series of technological advances, from the development of vinyl to the digitization of music and the creation of formats such as compact disc (CD), digital audiotape, and minidisk (Leyshon 2001). Although the digitized music facilitates consumers, it causes the appearance of piracy and the drop of sales. The subject of piracy has occurred for a certain period. Since 1920's, music piracy has appeared into the world with the production of cassette tapes, voice

  • Music Recording Industry

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    Music Recording INTRODUCTION For centuries man had dreamed of capturing the sounds and music of his environment by means of music recordings. The road to successful music recording had not been smooth until the derivation of the music recording industry. Since the inception of the music recording industry, the way in which music is produced, distributed, sold and consumed have greatly changed so also has popular music changed over time. These changes resulted from new technology which was invented

  • Horizontal Integration

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    EUROPEAN COMMISSION Competition DG Information, communication and multimedia Media Vertical and horizontal integration in the media sector and EU competition law Miguel Mendes Pereira* “The ICT and Media Sectors within the EU Policy Framework” U.L.B.-SMIT (Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunications) CEAS-Norwegian School of Management, Oslo Telenor Broadcast Brussels, 7 April 2003 OUTLINE Introduction I. Convergence and integration 1. Technical convergence 2. Economic convergence

  • Top 10 Major Record Labels Nowadays Essay

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    Nowadays. Music and Business Music has several functions in the society, such as the expression of emotions; creation of joy; communication; entertainment; integration of a society; and the continuity of culture. These functions of music make music a human need, which results in humans demanding for music. The human need or demand for music makes music a valuable item (good). Therefore, humans (artists) create music as a good that can be sold for revenues and profits. This is how music relates to

  • Sony Music Entertainment Executive Summary

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    Sony Music Entertainment Executive Summary Originally launched as American Record Company in 1929, Sony Music Entertainment Inc. has since established itself as a leading manufacturer of video, audio, communications, and information technology products. In September 1976, the joint venture CBS/Sony Records Inc. presented the market with the revolutionary compact disc (CD) and began producing the disc in America in 1983. After joining Bertelsmann AG, Sony eventually acquired BMG’s stake in 2008

  • Essay about The music industry-globalizing in many ways

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    Edi K. THE MUSIC INDUSTRY – GLOBALIZING IN MANY WAYS      The music industry is in a time of growth at this very moment. The environment for its growth has been increasing rapidly on many geographical boundaries and has been established through information technology and Internet. In this paper I will analyze how the music industry not only has been affected by Globalization as an economic institution but also that it has become a worldwide-globalized commodity. First, I