Biological effects

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  • The Biological Effects Of Pain

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    The Biological Effects of Pain Killing Medication; Opioid Medications There are many various kinds of prescription of pain relievers, which include: opioids, corticosteroids, antidepressants and anticonvulsants (anti-seizure medications). Among them I would like to focus on opioid medications and its side effects. Opioid medications are narcotic pain medications that contain natural poppy plant, synthetic opiates such as; methadone, fentanyl, tapentadol and tramadol, as well as the semi- synthetic

  • Biological Effects Of Aspartame Consumption

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    the biological effects associated with their consumption remain shrouded in public misconceptions.1 As a result, the consumption of artificially sweetened beverages (ASB) has become the emphasis for many obesity and neurological related clinical studies. Does the consumption of aspartame have adverse effects

  • Essay on Biological Effects of Methamphetamines

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    Biological effects of Methamphetamines Maria B. Araiza-Chavez BEH 317 Peter Pingerelli October 26, 2010 Abstract Biological effects of Methamphetamines Methamphetamines affect the human body in a physical and neurological and psychological way. The use of meth can lead to devastating effects to the nervous system for example leaving the user with nervous ticks and body jerks similar to a person suffering from Parkinson’s disease. On a physical level, the user may show skin sores and

  • Biological Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

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    In attempt to try to live a healthy life, people today are relying on artificial sweeteners as being the way to go to lose weight. With this notion, the question still today is if artificial sweeteners are healthy. This paper will discuss the biological effects that artificial sweeteners have on a person’s body and to see whether or not consuming them causes more harm than good. Today a percentage of the population is addicted to sugar and over the years sugar has been given the bad rep that if

  • The Positive And Biological Effects Of Radiation

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    Biological Effects of Radiation Radiosensitivity DNA as main cellular target – Cellular role of DNA – DNA is a double helix molecule made up of two sugar phosphate backbones that are linked together at the bases: Adenine-Thymine and Guanine-Cytosine. DNA is responsible for cellular structure and function. Direct vs. indirect DNA damage – ** Direct damage - Direct ionization has charged particles such as alpha, protons, and electrons. Direct damage to the nucleus of the atom is the direct damage

  • The Effect Of Pef On Biological Cells

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    In general, the primary effect of PEF on biological cells is the changes in the structure and the breakdown of cell membranes, which is mainly responsible for mass transfer, and several other metabolic activities in the cell (Ade-Omowaye, Angersbach, Taiwo, & Knorr, 2001). The cell membrane is considered as a capacitor filled with dielectric material of low electrical conductance, and accumulation of charges with opposite polarity in both sides of membrane form a membrane potential. However, when

  • Biological And Social Effects On Sexual Orientation

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    The Biological and Social Effects on Sexual Orientation The origin and cause of human sexual orientation have been highly debated topics between sociologist and biologists. Most scientists believe sexual orientation is biologically determined while sociologists argue that it is socially constructed. There is a third belief that human sexual orientation is not solely biologically determined or socially constructed. From this belief come theories that combine both arguments, where human sexual orientation

  • The Effects Of Withdrawal On Biological And Social Health

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    causes the most damage to the biological and social health of an individual because, with tolerance, a person needs more of a drug in order to achieve the same effects they felt previously with smaller amounts. And with withdrawal, a series of symptoms that may appear when a drug on which a user is physically dependent is stopped or significantly reduced. The withdrawal symptoms vary depending on a range of factors including the drug type and tend to be opposite to the effects produced by the drug. The

  • Biological Diversity And Its Effects On Our Environment

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    mindset that the planet 's resources are ours for the harvesting was largely accepted. Without proper knowledge of the long term effects of taking materials from the planet, dumping unsanitized and toxic chemical mixtures into bodies of water, among other things humanity as a whole failed to preserve ecosystems of every kind. The result was the use of resources despite the effect it had on wildlife communities and ecosystems, as well as a lack of regulation which would soon cause problems for the government

  • Biological, Sociological And Developmental Effects On A Child

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    Over the past decade, play has been the focus of many researches due to its biological, sociological and developmental effects on a child. Play is understood as a basic human motivation and a phase for individual development and of cultural assimilation and construction which leads to a specific view on childhood. Play is sometimes opposed with serious work and learning activities which is not true because play is an important arena in a child’s life. Play is significant for a child’s growth, improvement