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  • Reflection Essay

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    Cramped, sometimes boring, hard work, fun, rewarding, scary, aggravating and totally worth it. I  was part of the crew of a 688 class attack boats (USS Bremerton). When I was first assigned to the Bremerton, my life consisted of learning everything I could about the boat and all of its systems so I could earn my "dolphins" and be a real member of the crew. You were viewed as a non useful body when you first report for duty. you litterly can take the past 1 year of training and throw it out the

  • Advantages Of Periscope

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    How Companies Are Using Periscope And How To Use It To Promote Your Brand Twitter’s Periscope App is undoubtedly among the best tools any business keen about social media marketing can have. Today, the online community is craving for more engaging content. There is no better way of quenching their thirst than having videos of live action streamed right into their Smartphone. One would enjoy watching their favorite event live and saving to watch later at their own time. This is better than having

  • My Viewing Of Down Periscope

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    Throughout my viewing of Down Periscope, I was thankful for my background in communication in order to understand the amount of growth that each character undergoes. While Captain Tom Dodge isn’t considered to be the most respected Naval officer, he was recently submitted to command due to his seniority in the Navy. In an effort to embarrass the captain, Admiral Yancy Graham forces Captain Dodge in a combat trail that is considered to be impossible, especially with his misfit crew. Eventually, through

  • Marketing Strategy : A New Live Feed Video Platform From Twitter

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    developed into the most effective way to engage your audience and build your network of loyal customers. Periscope, a new live-feed video platform from Twitter, is the latest trend in social media marketing, packing massive potential for reaching your clients on a more personal and direct level than ever before. Business owners simply cannot afford to be late adopters of this new platform. While Periscope may feel like a huge, scary leap from a very formalized marketing strategy into real time conversation

  • Livestreaming Research Paper

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    apps that offer livestreaming are Meerkat, Periscope, YouTube Mobile Live Streaming or Facebook Live. Meerkat was the pioneer, but its competitors have gained more popularity and traction. According to statistics from AYTM, the most popular live streaming platforms are Facebook with a 59%, Periscope with a 29%, Meerkat with an 8%, and others with a 4%. Facebook’s and Periscope popularity is bigger due to

  • Whitney Beall Research Paper

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    For one woman, her life was potentially saved all thanks to social media. A 23-year-old woman, Whitney Beall, was intoxicated while driving down northern Lakeland, Florida, opposite of her home. While driving, she was using an app called Periscope. Periscope is a live-streaming video platform, owned by twitter. The app lets you broadcast live video worldwide, and viewers can comment or share the broadcast. Her video was streamed worldwide. In the video she proclaimed she was drunk and had no

  • Israelite Loss Of Power

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    at serving as their king. It is the king’s goal to keep the Egyptians as the most powerful people of the land. Anything less means he fails. Another failure that the king faces is failing the gods. As a bridge between the gods and the Egyptians, the king must win and be victorious. If not then the gods abandoned the Egyptians or solely never existed. If the Israelites become the rulers of Egypt then the king fails the gods. In addition to these failures, the king ends up losing the most important

  • Senior Design Project

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    our department. Rather than the professor assigning projects to specific groups, each individual applies for a project, and if they are accepted they form a group with the other students who are accepted. Cat’s project was to create a model of a periscope to be place in New Rochelle, NY with the purpose of being able to see the water front from downtown. I found it very interesting that Cat was drawn to the artistic part of the project. As an engineering major, it can be hard to remember that art

  • Assignment 3: Popular Press Vs Peer Reviewed

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    study on two teenage boys who almost shot up a neighborhood for views on Periscope, an app that allows you to film what you are doing to an audience (Mariani, 3). A second piece of evidence focuses on a girl who snapchatted herself driving at over 100 mph before crashing into another car and severely injuring the passengers and herself. A third instance of horrendous behavior is when a girl filmed her friend being raped on Periscope instead of intervening because of the attention she was receiving. A

  • The Conference At The Niu Campus Essay

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    On October 19, 2016 I attended 14th annual SLATE technology conference at the NIU campus in Naperville, IL. The conference lasted three days, however due to many obligations at my work, school and to my family, I could devote one day and attended to all five sessions at the conference. I got to the NIU conference center at 11:30 a.m. and left a few minutes after 5:00 p.m. The conference offered a wide variety of topics on innovative teaching resources and the newest technologies, which I am certainly