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  • A Report On The Housing Of Silverwater

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    to get to the trails. This park offers a serene place where you can sit and view the scenic Parramatta River. Schools Silverwater doesn 't have any public primary or secondary schools, so the children of the area attend in the nearby suburbs like Auburn. However, Silverwater does have three specialty schools. • Tashman Driving School (Silverwater Road) • L.A. Talent School (Fariola Street) • CITY Driving School • Mukhi Driving School • Panda Driving School (Sweetwater Road) Places of Worship Silverwater

  • An Investigation Of A Burglary Report

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    On 6-20-2016 at about 1743 hrs I was dispatched to 407 6th ST NE for a residential burglary report. Enroute dispatched advised that the homeowner, Susan Cwanila, had called 911 to report a burglary to her residence. I arrived on scene and contacted Susan and her boyfriend, Wayne Briggs, who also lives at the address. Susan stated that they both left the residence this morning around 0800 hours and when they returned home they noticed that someone had forced entry to their residence. Susan stated

  • Black Acura Incident

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    On 3-26-2017 at about 0805 hrs I was west bound on E Main St at about Auburn Way when I noticed a black Acura pass me east bound on E Main St. At the time, the vehicle had no front plate and it appeared that it was occupied by several males. I remembered from the previous day (3-25-2017) that Officer Feero had sent a “BOLO” out about a black 2003 Acura that was reported stolen from 402 16th ST NE. Additionally, in the BOLO, Officer Feero noted that the Acura (WA/BAJ1409) had a “KCCO” sticker on the

  • Personal Narrative: Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder

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    When I first came to America, I was bullied because I was different, and judged of every action so I could be mocked by the way I behaved. I used to have no problems asking where the bathroom is, and I didn’t care about my accent or grammar as long as I got the message across. But years growing up in a tiny Southern town, unaware of the existence of the Asian race, molded me into a different person. I was, and still, fearsome of social situations, as little as asking someone in class for a pencil

  • Essay On Bernie Gallow

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    enemies killed. The only thing to find more shocking was who was responsible for it. This case was in 2011 in the town of Aurora. Bernie was an Auburn high school graduate of 71 and a graduate of Cayuga Community College as well. Bernie was a sheriff’s deputy for 28 years, a former marine for four years, a former volunteer fire fighter, and a hockey couch in auburn. He had three children and was married when he died, many remember him as a hero which is what he was and what he accomplished for this county

  • My First Grade Teacher Has Never Let Me You Grow Up, Caleb?

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    “What do you want to be when you grow up, Caleb?” My first-grade teacher has never let me forget my response, “ First I’m going to be a fighter pilot, then when I get old, I’ll be a doctor, pharmacist, and a physical therapist.” Although this childish fantasy was slight overkill, my passion for the field of medicine has remained steadfast. Though many have an unrivaled fear of the doctor’s office, visits to a physician have fascinated me since a very young age, finding the visits to be educational

  • Marketing Strategy For The Downtown Auburn Area Essay

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    are in the business of providing reliable micro-transportation to the downtown Auburn area. There is no free on demand transportation in the area but many growing businesses. A joyride in Auburn would provide thousands of people an easier opportunity to commute around campus and downtown Auburn. Over the next two years I plan to grow Joyride to a stable, household brand to students and residence alike of the Auburn community. I plan to grow to Joyride to eight carts that would be constantly and

  • Equality's Inventions Motivation For His Experiments

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    something he enjoys and makes him happy. I think if everyone would be motivated by their passion the world would be a better place. Equality is motivated by himself. He wants to invent things. He’s not doing it for fame or to try to impress the council, but for himself. He’s eager to discover and he’s curious about things and how they work. He is very passionate about his experiments and puts a lot of pride and work into them. Equality is much smarter than the rest of his society as it states “It

  • Pascal : The Tent Of Meetings

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    Pascal enters the tent of meetings; upset by the events of the past few days as well as those he will experience and endure today. He stands alone, in the cold silence of the tent for a moment as he reflects on his own personal experience with this tent and Assia. Suddenly a rush of memories hit him like a wave; as tears run down his face. In a solemn moment, He walks over to the clan pole that belonged to Assia. It is with a sad heart and trembling hands that he takes it out of its holder and just

  • Reflection Paper On Brothers And Sisters In Christ

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    coincidence at all. As a church, we face a challenge financially. However, I believe the timing of this challenge is only the first obstacle along our path to the glory God would have us bestow upon Him and His children. Over the past year, the church council, your spiritual leaders, have been laboring over what it means to be a member of a church, part of the body of Christ. This work included hours of prayer, scripture reading, and