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  • The Bus Lane At Lion 's Park Train Station

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    The number nine bus, packed full of students eager to get home, pulled into the bus lane at Lion 's Park train station. Halfway there, I thought, happy to be done with another stressful day of classes. After most of the other passengers disembark to board the train, those of us which stay on the bus each have our own seats. The bus driver steps off the bus, as he does each day, to smoke a cigarette. Each day I contemplate how the complex interplay of individuals can become simple routine, reduced

  • Automated Bus Stations, Amtrak 's Quik Track Self Service Ticketing Kiosk

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    when travelling and seeking good experience when it comes to the process of buying a train tickets or making a reservation. To study and observe how people use this ticket system at train stations, Amtrak’s Quik-Track Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk is an ideal choice. The observations took place at 30th Street Station, Philadelphia. One might ask what is this kiosk system for? The kiosk system allows Amtrak customers to pick up and print out their tickets. This is very useful technological system because

  • `` Hills Like White Elephants `` By Ernest Hemingway

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    stopping place in their journey through not just Spain, but through their lives as well. Though the exact location of the train station is not given, it is often thought to be in Zaragoza, Spain. The train station is a midpoint between their past time together and the future time that they will move toward when they leave on a train. Train stations, airports, bus stations, and ports give us a sense of transition, of being between worlds, and between experiences. Placing the stage for the drama in

  • An Essay On A Journey By Bus

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    A Journey by Bus I Have Made Or, A Journey by Bus Occasion and planning: I was waiting for an occasion to go on a journey by bus. It at last came in the month of last October. A friend of mine lives in Khulna. He invited me to his sister’s matrimonial ceremony. My mind leapt up in great joy and excitement for getting an opportunity of traveling by bus. The day was fixed for the journey. Beginning of journey: I reached the bus station by rickshaw. A Bus ready to leave for Khulna. It was full to

  • Chapter 1-17 Summary

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    friends had agreed to her plan too. 8. Chapter 8, is about Aunt Irma letting Tacho accompany the girls to their journey while she manages the shop by herself. Irma drove them off to the bus station and bought them all their tickets to Tijuana, and then after two hours in the bus two soldiers had gotten on the bus and started harassing the passengers about their citizenship and seeing if anyone is carrying

  • Road Traffic Congestion in Singapore Essay

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    Straddling Bus (SB) Current situation Road traffic congestion is a major problem in Singapore and it results in delays in the transport system such as buses not reaching their destinations on their scheduled time. Because of that, it also results in commuters not getting to their destinations on time even though they already take the shortest route to their destinations. Although the governmental organisations are putting in effort to deal with transport capacity, the majority of the citizens are

  • City Of Angels Research Paper

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    to do and see. Visitors who arrive by bus will find themselves within walking distance of restaurants, tourist activities, and shopping venues. If you're planning a future trip to Los Angeles, book your bus tickets on Busbud to save money and use this guide to find your way around this iconic city. What Stations Can You Use? When you book your bus tickets, you can choose to arrive at the LA Greyhound station, Union Station, or North Hollywood Greyhound station. The best destination depends on how

  • Sacramento Regional Transit Strategic Plan Essay

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    Large cities and populations rely on public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emission as well as provide a means for citizens without personal vehicles to travel to important places like work, school or the grocery store. Critically important infrastructure to any city, without a reliable regional transportation system those who cannot afford cars are greatly impacted. Such groups may be confined to a particular neighborhood which may result in lack of accessibility to jobs

  • Kansas State University Parking Issues

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    non-profit organization funded by donations and operated by mostly volunteers. There are GAB stations around Manhattan where the bikes are located. These bikes can be ridden by anyone as long as they are returned to a GAB station within four hours. Throughout Manhattan there are nine GAB stations typically containing 6 bikes (Green Apple Bikes). There are usually bikes around Manhattan which are not located in the stations as well, there is not a definitive number of bikes provided by GAB. Green Apple Bikes

  • Stakeholder Analysis Case Study

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    Stakeholder Analysis Case Study: BYDauto Enter HK’s Electric Taxi / Bus Market Hui Qiu, EMBA 18 ESC Rennes Case background Hong Kong (HK) is one of the most crowded cities in the world, with almost the highest vehicle density. It has long been criticized for its bad air quality compared to its advanced economy. With the recently hazardous air pollution in China mainland, HK has been affected as well for its geographic neighborhood. The Air quality readings recently (PM2.5: 60µg/m³) have exceeded