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  • What Is The Figurative Language In A Cajun Night Before Christmas

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    The children’s book, A Cajun Night Before Christmas, by J. B. King, Jr. was illustrated by James Rice. This book is an entertaining story that will bring anyone back to their childhood imagination. It is one of the country’s most widely acclaimed Christmas books. The author used a delightful twist on “A Visit from St. Nicholas” but with a Cajun (French Canadian descendants in the bayou areas of southern Louisiana) patois. This parody was published over fourty-five years ago by Pelican publishing

  • Personal Essay : My Cultural Identity Is Cajun

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    Cultural identity are the things that make up who you are. My cultural identity is Cajun. Being Cajun is very unique. We eat different types of food, listen to certain types of music, and have certain traditions. I come from a very special family where everyone has each other’s back. They are very protective of each other and loving. There are a lot of distinct selections that show who I am but there are only a few major ones. First and foremost, there are many different types of food around the

  • An Essay On Louisiana

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    Louisiana is an interesting place to visit and live in. Louisiana has always had a passion for food and the different types of culture that comes along with it. There are many different subjects in Louisiana to research, such as plantations, festivals, swamps, cities, and different heritages. Food brings everyone and everything together. By researching food, all of the many different facts about Louisiana can tie together. There is always a cultural background when it comes to food anywhere. The

  • Cajun Culture Essays

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    were French settlers of eastern Canada who were exiled from their land in the 1750?s. The Acadians are known to have settled in the southern bayou lands of Louisiana around that time. The Acadiana people acquired their nickname, ?Cajuns,? from those people who could not pronounce Acadians correctly. Due to the opinion that Cajuns were ?different?, they lived close together and became isolated

  • Analysis Of Sister Sister

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    Sister Sister is an “American Southern Gothic thriller” film that was produced in 1987 by Walter Coblenz. Bill Condon was the director and co-writer. Condon’s fellow writers of this film were Joel Cohen and Ginny Cerrella. Sister Sister involves lies, betrayal, and a murder that is told throughout the movie in flashbacks, causing the characters to face their deadly secrets from the past. This film takes place near a mossy swampy area in Louisiana in a mansion on a plantation owned by two sisters

  • Essay on History Of Cajun Cuisine

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    History of Cajun Cuisine Cajun cuisine is a fusion of food from different regions with very rich histories, such as France, Canada, and the southern U.S. It was originated by peasants of French ancestry. These immigrants settled in the "Acadian" region of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia from 1604 to 1654. By 1755, the population of these settlers had grown to about 15,000. They survived on cereal crops such as wheat, barley and oats, and garden vegetables including field peas, cabbage, and turnips

  • Persuasive Essay On The Importance Of Food

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    inevitable that one has the ability to compromise. I had to experience compromise first hand in the humid, swampy, hot, seafood loving, Louisiana. “Four regions of south Louisiana were settled by the Cajuns.” (Ducote). So it’s probably pretty safe to say that Louisiana houses some pretty good, traditional Cajun food. This experience has helped me to realize my place in our culture when in comes to being a cordial, agreeable person. Too Much of a Good Thing Can Ruin It Consuming too much of one of my favorite

  • Cajun Cooking Recipes

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    but there's not a New Orleans-style or Cajun eatery anywhere for miles around your neighborhood? Never fear, cher. With the help of these great recipe Websites, you can whip up a batch of whatever you're hungry for right in your own kitchen: Better Homes and Gardens Cajun Recipes: This page offers a small but tasty variety of recipes for Cajun dishes, including egg casserole with Cajun sauce, Cajun chicken burgers, Cajun butter and even Cajun quiche. Cajun Cooking Recipes: This is the place to find

  • Bayou Farewell Essay

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    knowing what would become of him. Relying on strangers kindness, and a great deal of luck. Throughout the book the author travels down the 'Baya', as the Cajun people call it, and meets many people of Cajun background who call this place their home. The Author's main purpose in writing this book is to share with the world the lifestyle of these Cajun people; and how their home is disappearing before their own eyes. He wants to call attention to the rising problem of the disappearing marshlands, with

  • Descriptive Essay On Squirrel Hunter Gumbo

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    Squirrel Hunter Gumbo The first documented references to gumbo, according to Dr. Carl A. Brasseaux of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, was in 1803 when gumbo was served at a gubernatorial reception in New Orleans. Since then gumbo has become a symbol of Louisiana cooking and like any recipe that has time to evolve the accepted methods can become blurred from one cook to another. While many types of gumbos exist within Louisiana itself just wait until an outsider gets a taste and takes