Central Intelligence Agency

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  • History Of The National Reconnaissance Office

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    emerging technologies in the late 1940s and early 1950s (Richelson, 2012, p. 36). This paper will discuss the vast and rich history of this intelligence agency, its duties, and responsibilities as well as its limitations and the challenges it faces to accomplish its mission. Finally, we will look at how and why this agency is associated with the intelligence community as well as it effectiveness throughout its long existence. The true origin of the NRO can be traced back to May 2, 1946, with the

  • Intelligence Community Research Paper

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    An insight look at the Intelligence Community Intelligence is a dependable instrument of its own to generate information that establishes the base of National Security in the United States. Intelligence has been used since the beginning of history to provide information on enemy threats and how to prevent a mass disasters. It has been used for wars, national security, military tactics, etc. Intelligence has been available since the revolutionary war and our first president George Washington and

  • National Security : Congress And Defense Policy Essay

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    was a tragedy that could have been prevented by the United States Intelligence professionals. The Islamic radicals such as Al Qaeda and its leader Osama Bin Laden had long declared their objectives to undermine the United States national security since the first World Trade Center Bombing on Feb 26, 1993. The 911 Commission report outlined the deficiencies of several government agencies, principally the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Defense, and

  • Healthcare For All And All A Good Night

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    Healthcare for All and to All a Good Night No one says it better then the late United States Senator Ted Kennedy in 1978: "One of the most shameful things about modern America is that in our unbelievably rich land, the quality of health care available to many of our people is unbelievably poor, and the cost is unbelievably high,” and since then not much has changed (Kennedy). According to the US Census Bureau, in September 2013, there were 48,000,000 Americans with no health insurance and since

  • The Truth Behind Cia Drone Strikes

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    The Truth behind CIA and JSOC Drone Strikes for Professor Kim Colantino Technical Writing Instructor Chemeketa Community College Salem, Oregon by Harmanjot Singh Writing 227 Student December 09 , 2014 Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Violating the Hague Convention Commencing Hostility without Declaration of War Civilian Causalities from Drone Strikes in Pakistan Table 1: Percentage of Civilian Deaths of the total killed in Pakistan from 2004-2011 Civilian Causalities

  • The National Security Act Of 1947

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    Counterintelligence is one of the most vital areas of the United States intelligence system, and is heavily intertwined with our history, laws and ethics. According to the National Security Act of 1947, counterintelligence (CI) is defined as “information gathered and activities conducted to protect against espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage, or assassinations conducted by or on behalf of foreign governments or elements thereof, foreign organizations or foreign persons, or international

  • Kia in South Korea Porter's Diamond

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    KIA in South Korea, A Porter’s Diamond Perspective Timothy J. Rausch Mount Vernon Nazarene University MSM002MV MAN6093 Global Business October 11, 2008 Introduction KIA, which means “arise from Asia” in Korean, started out making bicycles prior to World War II (Kia Motors Corporation, 2008). The company developed the manufacturing of steel bicycle tubing into a multi-national corporation producing cars and trucks. Prior to merging with Hyundai in 1998, Kia was the second largest producer

  • The Intelligence Community Of The United States

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    The intelligence community of the United States is a large, robust and bureaucratic system. From this community though, the national objectives of the United States are supported through their gathering and analytical capabilities. The following paper will highlight the intelligence agencies of the Federal government as well as state and local agencies that make up the intelligence community. Within these entities are programs that develop intelligence for use in protecting the homeland as well

  • The Creation Of A Homeland Intelligence Organization

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    Throughout Intelligence Community’s history, there has been multiple attempts to input reform measures into various agencies. Often met with pushback, the reform attempts typically fail or are weak in merit. Being unaccepting of reform and showing little adaptation towards newer strategies and technological advancements, the IC was caught unprepared to thwart the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon. Some governmental reports, those that have assessed the IC’s

  • Outlook On Kenyan Development Kenya

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    Outlook on Kenyan Development Kenya is a third world country in Eastern Africa, with bright opportunities to develop into an african superpower. They have been a state since 1963 and before Kenya was independent, they were apart of the British Empire. Kenya’s capital is Nairobi, which also happens to be the center of industrial activities and the economy. Kenya’s development appears to be heading in a good direction as their GDP is rising, as well as their population to furthermore expand the economy