Cervical vertebrae

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  • Essay on truama c-spine

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    for patients who come into the emergency room that may have a jeopardized spinal cord resulting from an injury or suspected injury to their cervical spine. I am a certified emergency medical technician, farm-medic instructor and currently a medical diagnostic student doing clinicial's. In the United States each year there are approximately 10,000 reported cervical spine injuries that come into emergency rooms. Motor vehicle accidents account for approximately 45%, falls approximately 30%, the remaining

  • Persuasive Essay On Athletes

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    Somewhere at this very moment someone is arguing and complaining about the unfair and unequal society. One of those unfair situations is the salaries among professional athletes and how their bank accounts are filling up with enormous paychecks. Athletes are active workers just like others, they go to work and they perform. What happens if they do not perform? They will get fired. So just because athletes work with what they are meant to do does not give the right to complain about how unfair life

  • Cervical Potenosis Paper

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    To understand cervical spinal stenosis, one must understand the process of disc degeneration and the effect it has on your spine. As people age, the disc between the vertebra begin to lose a percentage of its water contact, thus effecting its ability to absorb shock. At first, the changes occur in the annulus of the disc (Cervical Spinal Stenosis, 2013). These tears in the outer ring of the disc might not caused any symptoms and heal by the formation of scar tissue. However, if this scar tissue

  • Bone Structure

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    base of the skull, are cervical vertebrae, the thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, caudal vertebrae, below the caudal vertebrae are the chevron bones. The cervical vertebrae, which in dolphins is unfused and provides great neck mobility. The thoracic vertebrae support the ribs of the animal and tend to be less flexible then the other vertebrae regions. The lumbar vertebrae are more flexible dorsoventrally (up and down) than laterally (side to side). The caudal vertebrae or bones of the tail vary

  • The Characteristics Of Forensic Anthropology

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    Introduction and background: Forensic anthropology is a multi-disciplinary industry where understanding biological anthropology and knowledge of human osteology is needed to assist in positively identifying an individual, (Quinney et al., 2009). The purpose of forensic anthropology is to aid in the identification process of human skeletal material by means of establishing a biological profile. A biological profile is formed by the following fundamental characteristics: age, ancestry, stature and

  • Comparing Mammal Species Across Different Habitats

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    Comparing Mammal Species Across Different Habitats In marine mammal biology a large portion of the study is dedicated towards the study of adaptations to the marine environment. By comparing the anatomy between marine mammals and terrestrial mammals scientists can better understand evolutionary history of how these two categories of mammals diverged from one another. The purpose of this lab was to study the anatomy of different marine and terrestrial mammals and compare their similarities and

  • Moving and Positioning

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    UNIT 4222-232 MOVE AND POSITION INDIVIDUALS ACCORING TO THEIR PLAN OF CARE (HSC 2028) Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of correct moving and positioning of individuals. The back is made up of the spine or vertebral column which is formed from a number of different groups of bones. It protects the spinal cord and allows flexibility of the upper body. The bones are held together by ligaments and small muscles which stretch from one bone to the next

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Cervical Spine Trauma

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    sustained from motor vehicular accidents or a fall incident. Handling patient with cervical spine injury is challenging as it is vulnerable to further injury should it not be rehabilitated with extreme caution. It is essential that the clinician should not rely solely on diagnostic reports and should perform significant detailed assessments that include ligamentous stability tests with individuals that had cervical spine trauma (Mckinnis, 2014 p. 159). It should be noted that in any motor vehicular

  • My Speech On The Emergency Medicine Class

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    In the summer of 2014, I thought I had life completely planned out. I was enrolled at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College while still attending Mount Pleasant High School. I had just started taking my Emergency Medicine class and had already completed two-thirds of my fire class. I volunteered at Northeast Cabarrus Fire Department and was so close to becoming an interior firefighter, I could taste it. I never slowed down enough to think about God’s plan for me. I seemed to only care about creating my

  • X Ray Versus Ct For Traumatic Paediatric Cervical Spine Imaging : What Guidance Do Clinicans Have?

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    X-RAY VERSUS CT FOR TRAUMATIC PAEDIATRIC CERVICAL SPINE IMAGING: WHAT GUIDANCE DO CLINICANS HAVE? Introduction: Evidence shows that road traffic accidents are the most common cause of paediatric cervical spine (c-spine) injury, with many dying at the scene (Booth, 2012). On presentation to the hospital, assessment of the paediatric patient requires recognition of subtle signs and symptoms, often in the setting of distracting injuries (Jones, Anderson and Noonan, 2011). Since history taking from