Chandra X-ray Observatory

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  • Astronomy Essay

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    and X-ray emissions. Our study, titled “An Improved Age-Activity Relationship for Cool Stars Older than a Gigayear“, was led by Rachel Booth, a PhD student from the Astrophysics Research Center at Queen’s University Belfast. Our data was gathered using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA's XMM-Newton. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory is a telescope specifically built to detect X-ray emissions from regions in the universe which exhibit very high temperatures such as stars. ESA's Chandra X-ray

  • Spitzer Space Telescope

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    As most of the ultraviolet radiations are blocked by the Ozone layer, so it was very difficult to study ultraviolet radiations from earth’s surface. In order to better understand the Ultraviolet radiation an observatory was created and sent beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. IUE was the first telescope that used Ultraviolet technology. Its purpose was to explore astronomical objects such as galaxies, comets, asteroids, and stars. It weighed 1,420 lbs. and measured

  • Short-period Oscillations in Super-Soft Novae

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    phase during which the hottest layers closest to the surface of the white dwarf can be observed until the hydrogen content of the accreted material is consumed or ejected. The X-ray and UV evolution of novae during their outbursts has been determined using Swift monitoring observations. Deeper, continuous XMM-Newton and Chandra observations have been taken, guided by the long-term evolution determined by Swift. The time when bright SSS emission becomes visible, the turn-on time of the SSS phase, depends

  • Windows on the Universe: Refracting Telescopes

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    rainbow halo appears around images. Needs little maintenance. It is more resistant to misalignment than the reflecting telescope Heavier, longer and bulkier than other telescope types Optical Telescopes- Reflecting- Ground Based Example- W.M. Keck Observatory (Hawaii, US) How It Works- Instead of using lenses to gather light, these telescopes use concave, primary mirrors at the

  • Cygnus A: Strongest Radio Sources

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    Cygnus A is a radio galaxy, and one of the strongest radio sources in the sky. It was discovered byGrote Reber in 1939. In 1951, Cygnus A, along with Cassiopeia A, and Puppis A were the first "radio stars" identified with an optical source. Of these, Cygnus A became the first radio galaxy; the other two being nebulae inside the Milky Way.[3] In 1953 Roger Jennison and M K Das Gupta showed it to be a double source.[4] Like all radio galaxies, it contains an active galactic nucleus. Images of the galaxy

  • How To Place A Telescope

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    While this is important for protecting the earth from harmful UV rays it drastically reduces the data that a ground based telescope is able to collect. The effect is caused by gases in the atmosphere absorbing the light which is then scattered in random directions - this is why the sky is blue. Ground based telescopes

  • Hubble Constant Lab Report

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    plentiful. In 2001, Wendy Freedman and other researchers, using data obtained via the HST, calculated the value of H to 72 + 8 [6]. Working with data collected from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory in 2006, researcher Massimiliano Bonamente and his team derived a value for H of 77.6 +14.9, -12.5 [7]. Most recently at the LIGO observatory, the value for H was calculated to be 70.0 +12.0, -8.0

  • Supernova Research Paper

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    A supernova is a stellar explosion that happens in the galaxy. This can have as much energy as our Sun or any regular star. These can be seen throughout the entire galaxy, but it is hard for us to see because of the amount of dust that covers it blocks our view. Johannes Kepler was the last person to observe the last Supernova in our Milky Way galaxy. He discovered that phenomenon in the year 1604. A supernova is created when there is a change in a core or center of a star. There are only two ways

  • NASA: Should You Stay Or Should I Go?

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    less than 1% given to NASA, it has already made a great deal of discoveries and achievements. Some of these tremendous accomplishments include being the first country to the moon and never-before-seen images taken by Hubble telescope and Chandra X-Ray Observatory. Not only has NASA changed exploration of space forever, but some of their great effort has affected humans directly! We need to keep exploring, and discover new information and knowledge of where we live!     The National Aeronautics and

  • The Effects Of Dark Matter On The Universe

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    The universe is the entirety of space, time, matter and energy. Today scientists theorize that the universe is dominated by invisible matter rather than visible matter. What is this mysterious invisible matter that makes up the majority of our universe? Scientists call it dark matter. But other than the fact that exists, scientist know very little about it, and are more certain about what it is not than what it is (Dark Energy, Dark Matter, n.d.). Dark matter is matter than does not emit any light