Holby City

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  • Two Surgeon´s and an Ethical Case

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    to him. Yet the system was against him. He said nothing else of the matter and left the CEO's office, this was the final blow, the final stand. Ric was not sure his career would recover from this. Serena Campbell, the Deputy Chief Executive of Holby City Hospital, a woman who was never afraid to speak her mind had been very quiet for the past fifty minutes whilst Guy dealt Ric the formalities. Her icy glare fell upon Guy, speaking everything that she felt about Ric's situation. "What?" He asked

  • Short Story: Serena´s Relationship with Ric

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    Unspoken A week had been and gone, Serena's relationship with Ric still had its vicissitudes. Despite, him knowing her sadness, she could not let herself feel it with him, to her, it didn't seem fair, she blamed herself, she always blamed herself for such tragedies, regarding her children. She did not want to hear, Ric tell her that it was not her fault; it seemed ludicrous for him to think otherwise. Serena, knew how, Ric could get, he has this protective manner, he did not like seeing Serena

  • Comparison of Two Hospital Dramas: Casualty and ER Essay

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    made in Britain. The fact that it's lasted over ten series, has been sold to many countries around the world, and it still manages to pull in big audiences speaks for itself. The series is set in the fictional town of Holby, and is set in the hospital, Holby A+E. ER, on the other hand, is an American based hospital drama. It is shown in America on NBC, at 10:00 on a Thursday night and also in Britain on E4, at 9:30 on a

  • Urban Regeneration And Urban Development

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    by the ongoing urban regeneration and urban developments in many of the major cities in India, especially in city of Pune, and its adverse effects on the city townscapes and place identities. City of Pune has a rich education legacy and has been often referred as the ‘Oxford of the East’, a legacy which came into prominence on the establishment of the University of Pune in the year 1949 (Hindustan Times, 2012). The city truly justified itself as the cultural capital of Maharashtra with its strong

  • Effects Of Gentrification On Urban Areas

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    Issue Paper #1 The Effect of Gentrification on Urban Areas Neiel Edmonds October 6, 2015 American Government University of the District of Columbia Neiel Edmonds October 6, 2015 American Government Dr. Hunt Gentrification: Urban Areas All over the globe today, urban areas are vulnerable to the growing impact of gentrification. Reason being is because, as the cost of living rises in many urban areas unlike never before, then those urban areas are needed to be diversified

  • The Role Of Technology And Contemporary Urbanism

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    Intro Information Age The emergence of information technologies the past two decades marked the cities’ shift to what Castells called the Information Age in his article, Space of flows, Space of places. The pervasive and increasing influence of these technologies in cities means that the realm of networks and flows transcends the built environment, altering our understanding of fundamental human experiences and destabilizing meanings of material systems and structures. Hence it is important to conceptualize

  • The Growth Of The Brazilian Economy

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    As the largest economy in Latin America and seventh largest (by nominal GDP) in the world, the Brazilian economy is experiencing many positive effects, characterized by it’s inward-oriented economy and moderate free-market trading, it has a diverse and sophisticated services industryi. Although undergoing extensive makeover, the financial sector provides local businesses with a wide variety of products and is successfully bringing in new entrants, creating an upturn in the economy, and furthermore

  • Human Caused Environmental Impacts On Beijing

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    an area of 16,807.8 km2. The city’s climate is a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate.” (Gengyuan Liu et.al., 2011). As the capital city with full of the long history and Chinese traditional culture and one of three economic-centered cities, which are Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong respectively, in China Beijing has been regarded as one successful city that has

  • The Cosmopolitan Canopy By Elijah Anderson

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    In the City of Philadelphia, there are many places that qualify as Cosmopolitan Canopies. These Canopies are “settings that offer a respite from the lingering tensions of urban life and an opportunity for diverse peoples to come together” (Anderson, XIV). Although, as you walk through the city, you may see a vast amount of diversity, there are certain places where the diversity is signified as a canopy. A canopy must have certain characteristics that say whether it is one or not. Characteristics

  • Marketing Plan For A New Factory

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    Cornology Our company was founded in 1992 in Bangkok, Thailand. With much effort and innovation we revolutionized the popcorn market in the country; eating popcorn in the cinema became a trend. Our latest big success happened in October 2014, when we launched the “Love Combo”. This combo is a mix of sweet flavors that also eliminates bad breath. Now that we have established a renowned and stable brand in our home country, it is highly recommended that we enter another market, in order to internationalize