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  • Chinese Poetry And Chinese Literature

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    Chinese literature is an important literary heritages of the world. With an history for more than thousands of years that influences people throughout the century. The Chinese language has retained its remarkable identity in both its spoken and written aspects in spite of generally gradual changes in pronunciation. With those syllabic tones, which produce a different but equally pleasing cadence. This tonal feature of the chinese language has brought about an intimate relationship between poetry

  • The Breakdown Of The Basic Nature Of Chinese Poetry

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    breakdown of the basic nature of Chinese and English lyrical relations shows that they can be distinguished from one another through the use of metaphor to evoke the relationship between scene and feeling and vehicle and tenor respectively. The Western poetry’s use of metaphor celebrates the use of human deception through a made-up connection between that which is being talked about (tenor) and the one who talks about it (vehicle). On the other hand, the Chinese poetry’s relies on the metaphor to

  • Aesthetic Differences Between Chinese and Western Poetry

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    Aesthetic differences between Chinese and Western Poetry —critics on Xu Yuanchong’s Chinese poetry translation 1 Introduction Nowadays in China, there are mainly two kinds of different opinions on translating classical Chinese poems. On one side, Xu Yuanzhong, as a representative,hold that classical Chinese poems should be translated in the form of poems(rhymed verse translation). Xu Yuanzhong put forward the Theory of Three Beauties and the Theory of Rivalry. On the other side, scholars such as

  • Poetry And History Of Chinese Immigrants On Angel Island

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    E.Jose AAAS 280E John Cheng November 11, 2016 Island: poetry and history of Chinese immigrants on Angel Island Chinese immigration to the United States began in large number during the California Gold Rush. Many people came to the country hoping to find jobs and fortune for themselves and their families back in China. Among those immigrants many stayed in the country and others went back to China. The point of entry for these Chinese immigrants to California between 1910 and 1940 was the Angles

  • Acceptance: Chinese & American Born Perspectives in Poetry

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    Acceptance: Chinese & American Born Chinese Perspectives in Poetry The United States is a place where people can have diverging views on how to describe the diverse nation. The country in fact does not have an official language because of the myriad of distinct ethnicities residing within the country. With all this diversity it is only natural for people to struggle with which cultural norm to follow. Of the many immigrants that have journeyed to the U.S. for a better life, Chinese immigrants

  • Analysis Of The Film ' Special Jury Award For Unparalleled Access ' At Sundance Festival

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    Winning the prize "Special Jury Award for Unparalleled Access" at Sundance Festival, The Chinese Mayor, shot by Hao Zhou, is a 2014 documentary film telling the story of Datong under the rule of a communist mayor Yanbo Geng. Director Hao Zhou follows mayor Geng one year, recording the real side of the interaction between government officers and people to present the conflicts under the communist government. Because of that, this film is prohibited to be shown in China since the government believes

  • Xu Yuanchong And Translation

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    Xu Yuanchong and Translation 1.INTRODUCTION Xu Yuanchong, a translator and a professor at the Peking University. He has published at home and abroad sixty works including translation works in Chinese, English and French. He is the only expert in the history to translate the Chinese ancient poems into English verse. In 1999, he was nominated for the Nobel prize for literature. Professor Xu Yuanchong was born in 1921 in Jiangxi province of China. He graduated from department of foreign languages

  • Essay On Marilyn Chin

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    her inspiration explains her diversity of themes and how she presents them. She uses traditional forms of Chinese poetry as well as modern American styles consistently throughout her poetry. Chin informs her poetry with as many styles as possible, she has claimed that “poetry should have a free visa to roam” (Parmar, “Double Happiness”). In Marilyn Chin’s poetry, she uses a mixture of Chinese and American poetic styles, as well as themes dealing with assimilation in order to exemplify her struggle

  • Nature Is The Focal Point Emerges

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    aspect of traditional Chinese poetry, but most early poems contained a limited use of natural imagery. Early poets used elements of nature to establish the setting or represent human concerns. Scenes of nature served as affective imagery utilized to make comparisons with human rituals, relationships, and emotions. The parallels with the natural description are meant to bring an greater awareness of the human condition. In the early medieval period, however, distinct genres of poetry in which nature is

  • Three Beauties Principles Of Poetry

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    As a special form of literature, poetry emphasizes the expression of rich emotions and artistic conceptions in highly condensed languages and graceful forms. Poetry translation means that author use a kind of language to reproduce the beauty of rhythm, forma and artistic conception, so that readers can enjoy the beauty of the original when they are reading it. This essay can focus on Xu Yuanchong's translation principle of "Three Beauties" to study English translation of Su Shi's poems. The author