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  • Essay on The Pros and Cons of Small Class Size

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    Paper: The Different Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Class Size Identifying Issues Regarding Class Size There has been a lot of controversy lately about how a decrease in the number of kids in the classrooms and could change how well a child performs in his/her schoolwork. Many researchers believe that a small class size will have a positive effect on class achievement, but other researchers have found that reducing class size has no advantage at all. For example, Ivor Pritchard from

  • Does Class Size Really Make a Difference?

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    students to study in a small class. For their love for their children, parents want to give the best resource to their children. For money, not all of the family could afford the high price. It is really a difficult question. But in my opinion, class size is not important for students; children in large size classes could study as well as students in small size classes. Many parents think small size class is better, and they think smaller class sizes might be expected to improve

  • The Importance Of Class Size

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    students are in your child’s class? Class sizes is an important topic in today’s society, its one that is highly debated issues because of the effects it has on so many children. It has been studied for years throughout the education system. One study showed that in the US, children in smaller classes of less than 20 do better academically, that those in a large class size. (Blatchford, P., Bassett, P., Goldstein, H., & Martin, C. 2003) When discussing the term “Class Size”, it is important to understand

  • Student Size Small Class Size

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    students in smaller class size do better than students in larger class size? Yes, because students are expected to receive more help from teachers. Students need extra help to succeed in school, schools can offer extra help to students by reducing class sizes. Smaller classes have many benefits for students even though it can cost 2 billion to 11 billion dollars a year to support smaller class size (In-Soo & Jea Young, 2009). Studies have shown students in smaller class size have more benefits such

  • Class-Size Policy

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    Achilles, C. M., & National Council of Professors of Educational, A. (2012). Class-Size Policy: The STAR Experiment and Related Class-Size Studies. NCPEA Policy Brief. Volume 1, Number 2. NCPEA Publications. The article begins by summarizing over 25 years of work over class size reduction (CRS). It gives the reader some short and long term effects of smaller classes in earlier grades. Some of these effects include improved school engagement, reduced grade retention, and taking advanced course work

  • Class Size Matters!

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    with their teacher. Are they able to ask questions or is the class simply hurried along because so much needs to be covered and there isn’t nearly enough time to stop for every question? A big factor in creating an adequate learning environment is maintaining small class sizes. Class size has been a continuing problem in LAUSD in recent years due to budget cuts, but should the students suffer because of lack of funds? Providing a small class ensures that students will have the opportunity to learn

  • Too Much Class : Class Sizes

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    Too Much Class Class sizes today are getting bigger every year. According to Mokoto Rich, "public schools employ about 250,000 fewer people than before the recession, according to figures from the Labor Department. Enrollment in public schools, meanwhile, has increased by more than 800,000 students" (New York Times). Those figures are astonishing. With enrollment up and staffing down it pushes more students into a classroom. This "staffing gap has pushed elementary class sizes to 30 students

  • Class Size On Student Achievement

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    Class Size in Education Erika C. Lopez University of Florida Abstract Class size is one of the many factors that parents consider when selecting a school for their son or daughter. They believe that class size is relative to how much attention their child receives from his or her teacher in the classroom, and will directly effect how successful the child will be in their education. But how important is class size, exactly? This paper will examine various perspectives on the importance of class

  • Research Paper - Class Size

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    Research Paper - Class Size Class size is a very popular topic that is greatly research through out educational settings. Class size deals with how many students are in the classroom at once. Class size can vary greatly. It can depended on the location of the school, where the more rural areas have only one high school while in a city environment there could be twenty-three high schools in one area. Location also depends on the amount of population in that area. Class size also can depend on the

  • Benefits Of Reducing Class Sizes

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    the students are the future, but are they really receiving enough education to take on such a task. Class sizes vary depending on the school. In 2011, the average class sizes in Texas was said to be twenty two students per class room (Dallas Morning News). With that in mind, the real question is can teachers accomplish their intended tasks as educators with 30-40 students in a classroom. Class sizes are increasing due to budget cuts made in the state of Texas. There are many factors that come to mind