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  • Should College Students Join Fraternities Or Fraternity

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    Being a part of a sorority or fraternity consumes students time with events and parties, which prevents them from having enough time to complete their school work. Attendance is required despite having academic responsibilities. Many sororities and fraternities make it mandatory to attend most of the greek events that will go on throughout the school year. In the article Should College Students Join Fraternities or Sororities, Schwarz explains that fraternities and sororities, “absorb time that

  • Should Colleges Ban Fraternities?

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    Fraternities are well-known for members claiming that within their time of membership they met many people whom they still have regular contact with as alumni. Other times, a fraternity’s wild parties or even hazing cause them to be infamous. Ian Lovett, a reporter, interviewed various people connected to Sigma Alpha Epsilon, including the president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Lovett reported on Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s decision to eliminate the tradition of pledging as part of their membership initiation

  • The Positive Influences of College Fraternities Essay

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    The Positive Influences of College Fraternities    According to Webster's New World Dictionary the definition of a stereotype is: a fixed or conventional notion or concept. While attending college I have noticed that stereotypes are a part of every day life. Day in and day out people are judged for who they are and what they believe in. These stereotypes are especially relevant in fraternities. The negative stereotypes associated with college fraternities have recently been blown way out of

  • College Fraternities And Sororities Serve As Exclusive

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    sports teams, and volunteer organizations is Greek life. College fraternities and sororities serve as exclusive groups denoted by Greek letters where men and women bond, forming “brotherhoods” and “sisterhoods” with fellow members, getting involved on campus, practicing philanthropy and community service, and creating long-lasting friendships. At face value, Greek life seems like an ideal environment for all entering college students who want to get involved and socialize; however, there

  • College Fraternities and Sororities - The High Cost of Social Acceptance

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    College Fraternities and Sororities - The High Cost of Social Acceptance College students who choose to join fraternities or sororities do so because of their need for social acceptance. I am personally against fraternities and sororities. I feel that it is money spent for the purpose of “buying” friends. There are many ways to meet interesting people other than devoting all of your time and money to a club in order to do so. Perhaps the people who join these groups have low self-esteem

  • I Know You Want It

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    That August day I set out into Collegetown to assert my independence from my parents by experiencing for the first time the so-called magic and wonder of fraternity parties without my parents’ consent. The ostentatiousness, elation, and novelty that define college parties in movies as a place where college students blow off steam allured me; college parties are depicted in pop culture as the quintessential Friday night.

  • A Report On Fice

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    SCENE 1 Niles sat in his office, high atop Charm City 's protruding skyline. He was the CEO of Sentec, a biochemistry company dealing with olfactory products; as scents and pheromones. His whole life, as it related to his work and the company, was stored on the hard drive of the electrically driven machine sitting in front of him. His laptop held many of the company 's dirty little secrets, along with the most valuable product information available. Emails, correspondence with other executives

  • 7th Heaven

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    party. The girls are shocked because it isn 't typical to see a Christian pastor 's daughter at a fraternity party. The girls who are talking about Mary only reinforce the idea that people think kids of pastors, or policemen, or the President, don 't make bad choices. 7th Heaven must address this issue of partying in order to make the show seem more like the realistic situations high school and college students are faced with every day. By putting Mary in this situation, the show reinforces the belief

  • Jessica Gendron Williams Character Analysis

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    Jessica Gendron Williams is the CEO of Phired Up Productions, LLC — a company specializing in helping fraternities and sororities grow. In her almost seven years working for Phired Up and more than 10 years working with Greek-letter organizations, she has led a movement to make Recruitment more values based and relationship focused. Jessica has shared her message with tens of thousands of fraternity and sorority members from across the country. She pushes Greek-letter organizations to be better every

  • Why Do College Cliques

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    College Cliques Students will be going to college soon, and it will be a whole new world. Upcoming freshman will see new faces, personalities, and looks all in the same place. High school has cliques; however, a college has more. Most students are grouped into cliques because they have similar personalities and backgrounds, so it makes them feel at home. A college has a massive variety of cliques; the most famous are frat, sorority, athletes, and honor. Frat One type of clique is the frat boys.