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  • Community Corrections Program Analysis

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    In 1985, The Community Corrections Program was established by lawmakers (TDOC, n.d.). By reserving confinement for violent offenders, community-based alternatives allowed sentencing of non-violent felonies to escape imprisonment. The purpose of the program was to reduce the chance of reoccurring criminal behavior while executing community safety. The Community Corrections Program allowed taxpayers' revenue to be redirected from the costly costs of confinement for offenders that were non-violent.

  • Pros And Cons Of Community Corrections

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    Community Corrections With any type of crime that is committed by an individual, there comes a set of guidelines to follow when regarding which punishment that that particular individual will receive based on the categorization of their crime. Crimes can be inherently categorized into two distinctly different categories, the first of which being misdemeanors and the second being felonies. Sets of guidelines will vary when considering the severity of the crime based on which category the crime will

  • What is Community Corrections? Essay example

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    Introduction Essentially, community corrections ascribe to the sanctions that are usually imposed on both adults and juveniles convicted by the court of law to reduce frequencies of recidivism. Unlike other forms of sentencing, community corrections can be implemented in a community setting or any other residential setting, apart from the jails (Gendreau & Goggin, 1996). Within the past few decades, researchers have been struggling to advance community corrections through the use of effective intervention

  • Pros And Cons Of Community Probation And Community Corrections

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    Community corrections are programs which oversea offenders outside of jail or prison. Community corrections include probation and parole. Probation is supervision within the community instead of jail or prison. Parole is a dated time where parolees are supervised upon release from prison. Some offenders are not dangerous to society. Their crimes do not warrant incarceration. The crimes are petty offences and will not be placed in a general population in prison. If they are placed in a prison they

  • Community Corrections

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    Community Corrections CJS/230 July 24th, 2011 Community Corrections In this paper, we will be discussing how community corrections affect society. In addition, we will examine my hypothesis about community corrections and their overall effectiveness in the correctional system. Furthermore, we will describe prison systems in foreign countries, as well as how other nations view and practice imprisonment. Moreover, we will discuss what might happen with the United States prison systems if we

  • Community Corrections

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    Community corrections is a range of alternative punishments for nonviolent offenders. There are two basic community corrections models in the United States. In the first model, integrated community corrections programs combine sentencing guidelines and judicial discretion ("front-end") with a variety of alternative sanctions and parole and probation options. In the second model, some states have instituted programs in which correctional officials may direct already sentenced offenders into alternative

  • Community Corrections

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    supposed to look out for suspicious issues and incidents and report them to the police before anything happens (, 2012). This helps in deterring potential crimes and offenders from committing their crimes. It ranges from block watch, community watch, home watch and citizen alert. Neighborhood

  • Community Correction Paper

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    Community Correction Paper May 27, 2012 CJS/230 – Introduction to Corrections Community corrections programs are to oversee offenders outside of jail or prison, and are administered by agencies or courts with the legal authority to enforce sanctions. Such community corrections programs are probation and parole. There are also sub-programs that are parts of community corrections; such programs are drug-involved offenders, sex offender programs, and electronic monitoring technologies.

  • Community Corrections Population

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    The preferred sample size for this study would be 15% of each state's community corrections population. This study will require state-by-state comparisons of various laws and practices; therefore, sorting demographics by states is essential to determine the number of how many individuals are impacted. In addition, the sum total of these numbers would be approximately 680,000 participants, which should be a fairly manageable number. For data to be the most impactful the samples will be proportional

  • Community Corrections Is Vital For The Safety Of The Community

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    Community corrections are vital in ensuring and assuring the safety of the community by rehabilitating the low-risk offenders allowing cycle of re-offending to be broken and the rate of imprisonment to be lowered. Community corrections involve managing an offender’s life in the community through constant supervision and reporting to their corrections officer and, also court ordered unpaid community service and rehabilitation programs to divert their attention to re-offend, rather than throwing them