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  • Cultural Competence

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    Cultural Sensitivity and the Health Practices in Dominican Republic Manoucheka Chery Grand Canyon University: NUR-502 May 7, 2014 Cultural Sensitivity and the Health Practices in Dominican Republic The demographics of the United States is changing to one that is multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual. Culture is a vital component in the health and wellness of individuals. Culture affects individuals' beliefs, definition of health, treatments, and interaction with healthcare providers

  • Comunicative Competence

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    Communicative Competence Accepting language and communication as the heart of human experience in the academe, all students will develop a level of proficiency in at least one other language. To succeed, all students must study language and culture in an integrated fashion in order to use the language with appropriate meaning and correct interpretation. (Kitis 2004), for purposes of global relevance, many students come to college looking for classes that will help them build successful and interesting

  • Intercultural Competence

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    intercultural competence (IC) depending on the contexts. Cultural intelligence (CQ), cross-cultural awareness, multicultural competence, intercultural sensitivity, global competence, and transcultural skills all are intercultural competence. Intercultural competence is “the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in intercultural situations based on one’s intercultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes” (Deardorff, 2006, p. 248). Some have termed intercultural competence as a developmental

  • Culture Competence Essay

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    (Purnell, 404). Being respectful and open to different cultures isn’t just about appreciation the beauty of the people and their beliefs, it is also about having the knowledge to be able to communicate and care for patients of another culture. Cultural competence takes in thought the patients beliefs and practices, not just the external views of a culture. In order to be competent as a health care professional, one must be able to deliver care accordingly for a patient’s culture. Not only, do they have to

  • Essay on Intercultural Competence

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    Development Inventory (IDI) is an assessment that examines an individual’s intercultural competence (Hammer, Bennett, & Wiseman, 2003). Bennett (2004) describes intercultural competence as one’s place on a continuum from ethnocentric to ethnorelativism. As I understand it, the IDI and intercultural competence are examining an individual’s ability to understand and accept other cultures. The IDI measures intercultural competence on a continuum that includes five stages that a person can vacillate between, which

  • Example Of Cultural Competence

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    Cultural Competence As today’s society grows more diverse, the need for cultural competence becomes increasingly necessary within the criminal justice system, a field where civility and the ability to be unbiased is required. As a result, there is a deepening need for understanding the value of diversity and utilizing intercultural communication skills. By developing a cultural competence assessment tool that can improve interactions with people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds,

  • Cultural Competence Of The Workplace

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    Cultural Competence in the Workplace In studying cultural competence, it is important to acknowledge the fact that people were differently born, raised and lived in social, organizations and educational cultures. Therefore, the culture we are brought up to form a foundation on how we make assumptions, values, beliefs, values and behaviors. When people in an organization get to interact, there are many difference and similarities as pertains to their cultural expectations, and it often make the interaction

  • Cultural Competence Analysis

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    Integrate the components of cultural competence into practice Campinha- Bacote and colleagues describes the components for cultural competence in healthcare. These includes cultural ; a) knowledge, b) awareness, c) skills, d) encounter and e) desire. Cultural awareness refers to self-examination as well as in-depth exploration of an individual cultural as well as professional background. I am able to explore my own cultural healthcare values and beliefs. This is because understanding another

  • Social Competence And Behaviors Of Young Children Essay

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    Social Competence Social competence contains many characteristics that an individual may learn to possess at different times in their development. A few examples could include: problem-centered coping, self-control, delay of gratification, moral self-regulation, empathy, perspective taking, altruistic behavior, and communicating with peers. While these characteristics develop during different stages and different times for each child, an observed session of kindergartners supplies evidence that

  • Cultural Competence : Cultural Incompetency From A Practice Perspective

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    A professional practice issue discussed is cultural incompetence. Competence is a principle within the Code of Ethics. Under the Regulated Health Professions Act, incompetence is described as when a dietitian’s care of a patient demonstrates lack of knowledge, skill or judgment which shows they are unfit to practice (Steinecke, 2015). Competence therefore, requires a dietitian to have sufficient knowledge, skills, and judgement, a professional attitude and a constant desire of improving on said knowledge