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  • Case Study Of New York State WorkersCompensation Law

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    include right carpal tunnel syndrome and

  • The Importance Of Human Physical Strength In The Ancient World

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    world definitely took advantage of their physical strength. Five great examples of this are: building roads, quarrying, operating cranes, digging wells, and constructing tunnels. All of these tasks could only be completed with an immense amount of endurance and strength. Anything from laying rocks to digging out an entire tunnel was a difficult and grueling task. In many cases, a great deal of human physical strength was required to fully exploit the technologies and technical practices developed

  • The Canadian Dream In Michael Ondaatje's In The Skin Of A Lion

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    Stepping out onto Canadian soil is the dream of any new immigrant coming to create a new life for a fresh start. The strong images of digging, logging, and construction are just some of the rough edged images that many do not consider when imagining the Canadian Dream. The Canadian Dream in the minds of workers in Michael Ondaatje’s, In the Skin of a Lion, is labouring to create life for themselves and working towards a steady future. Abbott describes the masterplot as “stories that we tell over

  • The Performance Of Sprinklers For Tunnel Protection Essay

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    the performance of sprinklers for tunnel protection was conducted in the Ofenegg tunnel in Switzerland in 1965. The tunnel was an old single track railway tunnel, 4 m wide at the base and 6 m high. Three fire sizes obtained with aircraft petrol fuel were used in the test with following specifications: (a) 100L and 6.6 m2 pool size; (b) 500 L and 47.5 m2 pool size; and (c) 1000 L and 95 m2 pool size. Two lines of sprinklers were installed on the ceiling of the tunnel. The water capacity was 19 L/(min

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    breakfast, got dressed, put his coat on and went to work in his ‘67 Chevy Camaro, a personal vehicle he had owned for a while, but treasured dearly. Phil got in his car and drove on his daily route to work. On the the way to his job, Phile entered a tunnel that was normally

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    The grandfather clock struck 9 am. A million bells rang throughout the castle making a great cacophony. Then it went silent. As she walked down the staircase the castle once again echoed with her footsteps. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. Her footsteps were like a ticking clock. As she began to pass the window she stop. It showed where once a beautiful garden was. It belonged to her mother. But when she left Evanescence had her very first taste of power. That morning Evanescence burned the garden. Flames

  • Advantage And Disadvantage Of Tunneling Method

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    It is a type of underwater tunnel. It consists of segments which are constructed somewhere else and are then floated at the tunnel site to be linked together. These tunnels are normally used together with other tunnel construction methods like bored tunnel, etc. This method is commonly used for road and rail crossings of river, sea channels/ harbors, etc. Refer Exhibit 7 for how it works This method has many advantages: 1. Cost effective 2. Speedy construction 3. Resistant to earthquakes 4. Safety

  • The Greatest Tunnel Ever! Essay

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    The day had that perfect quality you always associate with childhood memories. I was eight, maybe nine, at the time of this particular memory, a small, ponytailed, freckled child with dirty legs and dirtier arms and face, full of energy and hope all children possess when looking forward to playing with other children. The sun shone through marshmallow-like clouds, and although it was only early afternoon, the tar road had started to bubble under my feet. The ponies tethered at the side of the

  • The Structure And Building Of Sophisticated Tunnels

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    In the mining world, there are three different types of tunnels. There are rudimentary, interconnecting, and sophisticated but this paper will only focus on the structure and building of sophisticated tunnels. Some features of a sophisticated tunnel are that it reach as deep as seventy feet underground and tall and wide enough for an adult to walk through or for a mine cart to be pushed through. When building these sophisticated tunnels, first the earth is chipped away by handheld electric spades

  • Wendy Ji's Lawsuit against the Emerald City Condominium Developers

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    deliver what she claims they promised to. On Emerald City’s website they state the condominium would include “easy underground access to the Don Mills subway.” When Wendy first moved into the apartment she discover something shocking, the underground tunnel connecting the condominium to the subway did not exist. The condo developer claims that “there was never any representation that there would be underground access” to the subway station. Wendy had watched a promotional video a subway train pulled