Cultural context

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  • Cultural Diversity : Differences Between High- And Low Context Cultures

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    Cultural Diversity: Differences between high- and low-context cultures A culture of any region provides a complete framework to its inhabitants to how to organize themselves, their actions and thoughts with respect to their environment. Thus culture is not innate; instead it is learned by the people as they continue to live in that particular region. This culture drives their thinking, actions and basically all kinds of interaction with their surroundings. Thus, it is different for different areas

  • Foreign Students And Other Socio Cultural Contexts Essay

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    At present there is a growing volume of students who migrate from one Culture to another, which represents a phenomenon that requires understanding the process Of adaptation or acculturation to the different socio-cultural contexts. I will begin by defining the term foreign students, it refers to Individuals who reside voluntarily and temporarily in a country that is not their own in order to participate in the international educational exchange, intending to Return to their country of origin

  • The Historical Cultural Context

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    In regards to the historical-cultural context, one must be fully aware of this when reading Gods’ word. According to Duval & Hayes (2008), “Historical-cultural context relates to just about anything outside the text that will help you to understand the text itself (What is Historical-Cultural Context section, para 1).” When an individual approaches the Bible text without any concern for the historical-cultural context, it can lead to misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the text. If one is

  • Socio Cultural Context

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    Socio- Cultural context has been a part of human history for eons. Individuals implement this theory daily through their language that is closely linked to their culture and time in society. The intersection of social and cultural events has helped to inform many phenomena that people had in earlier years. However, as with any national phenomena, there is a risk factor that is prevalent. This paper will delve into what socio- culture context is and a basic interpretation of risks, behavior risk,

  • Communication Style and Cultural Features in High/Low Context Communication Cultures : a Case Study of Finland, Japan and India

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    Communication Style and Cultural Features in High/Low Context Communication Cultures: A Case Study of Finland, Japan and India Shoji Nishimura1, Anne Nevgi2 and Seppo Tella3 1 Waseda University, Japan 2 Department of Education, University of Helsinki 3 Department of Applied Sciences of Education, University of Helsinki Abstract People from different countries communicate in ways that often lead to misunder-standings. Our argument, based on Hall’s theory of high/low context cultures (1959, 1966, 1976

  • The Cultural And Socio Economic Context

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    Different cultural groups show distinctive rates and experiences of the disorder, reflecting their different cultural and socio-economic context. Gotlib & Hammen, (2002) propose a noticeable and explicit pattern that seems to continuously emerge is that depression appears to occur much more in western cultures (US, Canada, UK, Holland) than in Asian (Japan, Taiwan, China) cultures. Such differences in rates of depression have been attributed to a number of factors such as differences in the amount

  • The Last Samurai Cultural Context

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    The cultural context of the film The Last Samurai affects the characters’ values, attitudes and beliefs, as the character Nathan Algren is shaped by the American cultural context of the film. His values and attitudes concerning beheading and his attitude towards his involvement in American Indian wars are explored in the film. The American cultural context of the film has shaped Algren’s values about beheading. Algren does not understand why the samurai believed in the beheading of a disgraced person

  • Organizational Concepts And Cultural Context

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    III. Organizational Examples: Both institutional context and cultural context have positive and negative aspects to HRM design in companies. HR staff in Hyundai, the second biggest car manufacturer in India, faced with law and policy problems. In May 2010, employees went on strike after the organization sacked and did not reinstate 35 employees due to alleged behaviour (Kramer and Syed, 2012). In addition, this was the third time that local workers had struggled against the company because of dismissing

  • Cultural Context Of Immigrants And Refugees

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    My Experience with the Cultural Context of Immigrants and Refugees Description of Context The cultural immersion for the immigrants and refugees group is taken from a first-hand experience with a family from hurricane Katerina. Livingston, Alabama is right off the interstate 59/20, which a main evacuation route from the gulf coast. When hurricane Katerina hit in 2005, several families found comfort in our small town. I was able to form a relationship with a family that occupied one of my friend’s

  • Understanding Historical-Cultural Contexts

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    When people approach the Bible without any concern for the historical-cultural context they don’t clearly understand what God is saying to them. This is because God spoke to a specific audience in that time, and if individuals don’t seek to understand what message God was providing the people within that time, then they will not truly know how to apply God’s message to their lives today. “We should not be so arrogant and prideful as to think that God cared nothing about the original audience but