Cultural rape

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  • Cultural Beliefs Of Rape Culture

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    Almost two-thirds of sexual assault is committed by someone known to the victim. Yet rape and sexual assault are one of the least reported crime in the united states with only 39% of attacks being reported to the police each year. Rape culture has been present throughout history in the entire world and sadly it continues to exist. Rape culture needs to be talked about more openly, so victims are not afraid to accuse their rapist or attacker. Communities should come together to create a culture of

  • `` Riding The Bull At Gilleys `` And The Socio Cultural Models Of Rape

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    When asked to define the word rape, a number of responses may be given depending upon what country or state one lives in and if one is a male or female. According to Pandora’s, rape is defined as any sexual contact or penetration attained without consent; with physical force, intimidation, threat, trickery, or when the victim is mentally capacitated, physically or mentally impaired, asleep or unconscious; this includes due to voluntary or involuntary alcohol or drug consumption. In “Riding

  • Cultural Rape in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart Essay

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    Cultural Rape In Things Fall Apart In Things Fall Apart, Achebe shows the ruthlessness of the missionaries in pursuit of new converts. Domestic support for the missions depended in large measure upon the tangible success of their preaching, ''success'' being reflected in the numbers of conversions. This relentless focus on "success" caused the "cultural rape" of the people of Umuofia.             Achebe even hints at their use of bribery and blackmail in their endeavours. He

  • Rape Culture: Why Are Some Fraternities More Dangerous Places For Women

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    This study focuses on high risk and low risk environments and relationship interactions to gain a perspective on rape culture. According to, “ FRATERNITIES AND COLLEGIATE RAPE Culture: Why Are Some Fraternities More Dangerous Places for Women?” by Boswell and Spade (1996) indicate that the relationship that is developed between men and women influence the way in which people are treated. Women and men often seek relationships differently then each other. The environments in which people interact

  • Rape And Social Development Programs

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    Introduction Date Rape is the well-known act of persuaded, or potentially forced, unconsented sex with another person. There are numerous explanations for why date rapes, or rapes in general, occur. As laid out in some academic papers, prescribed cultural masculine ideologies may be the explanation for the motive of the act. Merton and Durkeim’s Strain Theory gives some bases in the explanation of this, as pertaining the strain involved in achieving these ideologies (goals). Some initiatives by

  • Missoula Montana Book Report

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    springing from the University. Journalist, and distinguished author, Jon Krakauer researches the abundance of campus rapes that occurred over a four-year period. Krakauer saw this college town to be a perfect place to further educate himself, and others, as to why many women do not seek help from authorities after being sexually assaulted. In the book written by Jon Krakauer, Missoula, Rape and the Justice system in a College Town, is a typical college town who’s prized football team inspires their loving

  • The Case of Andrew Luster

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    Barbara. Considering the standing he obtained, it was unforeseen when he was arrested in July 2000 for being charged with drugging a young woman with the “date rape” drug GHB and then taking advantage of her when she was insensible. The police had provided a warrant and had found numerous videotapes revealing that the alleged incident of rape comatose women was not the first or only time. Midway amongst the trial, Luster failed to appear in court, went into hiding, and was declared fugitive from justice

  • Rape Culture Paper

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    to take rape accusations seriously due to the strong denial of the existence of rape culture. Rape culture exists when sexual violence is positively represented in the media and culture. This paper examines the refusal to accept that the United States is living in a rape culture and that by doing so society is enabling a larger number of attacks with a few of them being

  • Essay on Sexual Victimization of Women

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    must stop pinpointing the individuals who commit these crimes one by one, but rather look at the problem as a whole and begin to understand the main cause of sexual assault and possible methods to reduce these acts of sexual coercion. Definition of Rape It was once acceptable for men to have full control over women, declaring when they will marry and when

  • Introduction In this paper, I argue that while sexual violence is arguably the monopoly of men, it

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    Masculinity which theorises male domination of other males and subordination of females (Connell, 2005), I assert that rape is particularly rampant in societies where sexual violence is an effective means of attaining this status quo. Thus when rape is institutionalised in the context of war where masculinity is measured by the ability and willingness to assert violence upon the enemy, rape becomes rampant because it is not only condoned but authorised (Price, 2001). I then debunk the claims of biological