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  • Camp : A Day At Camp

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    Camp Grounded It didn 't seem different, just a casual day at camp, the sun bright in the sky, kids running everywhere as they cool air kept them going, but little did I know, it was all about to change...For the worst. I woke up at 6:00 and Xavier and I went outside for some fresh air. It was the First day at camp and the first day away from my nagging parents, who were the reason I came to camp, so I could finally have fun without them bothering me. Everyone else was inside sleeping, so me and

  • Day Camp Reflection Paper

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    Observation This summer I worked at Camp Cory as a Day Camp Coordinator. This experience came with many difficulties, one of the positives was working with counselors from other countries, including Spain, England, Brazil, Colombia, and Scotland. In my opinion, some of my best co-counselors were the international counselors. During the eight weeks I was there, I worked with four international co-counselors to facilitate a day camp group and worked closely with several others. Working with counselors

  • A Day At Deer Camp

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    it 's too hard, I can barely stroll to the couch from the dining table. It 's so much work to just sit and talk here.” my uncle said gasping for breath. “But I am entirely grateful that i am able to sit here with you for yet another weekend at deer camp. Especially since my lung transplant 3 years back.” He said trying to laugh. “I did not expect to life nearly as long as now!” What if I get this disease because i 'm related to him and the genes are the same? What if it 's contagious through air?

  • Persuasive Essay On Summer Day Camp

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    to not only engage in fun physical activities, but also to get creative and learn a thing or two. This is why Wentzville, MO-based child day care center, DLC Academy, organizes its summer camp for school-age children; signing your kids up will make their months of June, July and August enriching and truly unforgettable. What’s the focus of this summer day camp? What kinds of things do the kids get to do? Let’s take a closer look: Sports and Play: The

  • Personal Narrative: A Day At The Concentration Camp

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    the rounds at the concentration camps, where I have to feed my own people

  • Personal Narrative: A Day At Camp In Tennessee

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    It had been a long, tough week at camp in Tennessee. I was exhausted from working in the unbearable heat scraping off old paint, painting the outside, and roofing on this old Victorian home. Since I am Asian, my frame is petite and shorter than most, so my usual job was scraping off old paint. My cheeks had turned rosy red with a sunburn, and my long black hair was turning a dark brown to match my eyes. Sleep was limited because of the constant jabber from the other campers. Finally around midnight

  • Band Camp Day Research Paper

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    This morning, I went to East Carteret for our annual Band Camp Day. It ran from 8 am to 12 pm. There, we worked on finishing most of our show, which went rather well. After the practice, my section (the other 9 flutes) and I decided to take several group pictures. The first two were your standard group picture, then the last few had us holding up one of our people with two other girls in front flashing “gang signs”. I left practice around 12:30 with my boyfriend. We had decided yesterday (9-8-17)

  • Shipwrecked: A Summer Day At Camp Yorktown Beach

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    Shipwrecked The smell of fish burned my nostrils as we floated along across the lake. It was a hot summer day at Camp Yorktown Bay, and I decided along, with my friends Jasiel and Angelina, to go tubing. “Ah,” I thought as we drifted through the lake, watching each person, one by one, take turns on the tube, “This is so much better than being cooped up in our cabins with nothing to do.” Finally, it was my turn to go tubing. I was so excited, I started to feel jittery. Climbing onto

  • A Cover Letter: A Letter To A Summer Day Camp Instructor

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    I am writing this letter in response to your recent job posting as a Summer Day Camp Instructor. Due to my education background and past employment history, I believe that I hold the thoughtful decision-making skills needed to facilitate academic and enrichment services to children in your camp. Graduating in June from California State University, Los Angeles, I will hold a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Services. My education is primarily focused in providing services to individuals with

  • Descriptive Essay About Summer Camp

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    to one thing all year: camp. Whether they spend the summer in the Canadian wilderness, or at one of the many camps located in their city, summer camp is a staple memory for many. Camp is where lifelong memories and friendships are made, where kids get to return to school and tell their friends about the canoe trip they went on, the cool painting they made, or their funny counsellors. Summer camp is the experience that influences, and changes, many lives. I went to summer camp from the time I was 5