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  • Erik Schultz's Accomplishments

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    for Enrique Murciano) and Django Unchained (stunt performer). He is also frequently doubles for actor Liam Hemsworth and worked on the last three Hunger Games films among other Hemsworth projects. Recently he did the stunts for Victor von Doom aka Doctor Doom in the latest Fantastic Four. We had a chance to ask Erik some questions about working on Fantastic Four as well as his experience so far in the stunt industry. When did you decide to become a stuntman? Why? It was about 6 years ago I

  • The Startup 's Unique Origin Story

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    Your Startup’s Unique Origin Story Can Be Your Most Marketable Asset Blood, sweat, tears – ask the founder of any startup, and she’ll tell you those are the building blocks which went into her company. She has toiled for months, even years to make this happen, often in some cramped space hidden away in the bowels of someone else’s building. Dig a little deeper, and you begin to learn more about how the company started and what made its creator so passionate – passionate enough to do the

  • Correlation between Gun Violence and Video Games in the Article, The Truth About Video Games and Gun Violence by Erik Kain

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    The article, “The Truth About Video Games and Gun Violence” by Erik Kain discusses how video games and gun violence correlates. The author opens up with someone by the name of Aaron Alexis who resorted to gun violence while playing video games that contained violence. There is a violent video game that scares parents and behavioral experts. There has been a debate on whether people who play video games later have violent behavior. Throughout the years, video games continue to show images portraying

  • Maneuverer Research Papers

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    Maneuverer Let’s get real here, we, as a society, male or female, need a better game. Maneuverer Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my pitch, and I guaranteed you that you wouldn’t walk out of here disappointed. The game manoeuvre, is based in a future warfare Now, you must be thinking that there is a futuristic warfare game-call-of-Duty infinite warfare But there is one difference between my game, Maneuverer and Call of duty infinite warfare My one is better “In what way?” Next slide

  • Minecraft Moodding Community Analysis

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    Whether you are just watching developers live stream the designing of their mods, making mods yourself, or just enjoying the commentary of various YouTuber’s interactions with the developers, the Minecraft modding community is extremely easy to become a part of. During my observations, I had interactions with people on Twitch, YouTube, and the Industrial Craft 2 forum. The community pulls you in by teaching you the complicated intricacies of modding such a simple game. Since my

  • Are Violent Video Games Are Harmful To Children And Adolescents?

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    Taking Sides: Violent Video Games There has been a long-standing debate that violent video games are harmful to the rising generations. The article that was selected to be critiqued is, “Are Violent Video Games Harmful to Children and Adolescents?”. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and critique the research methods and conclusions included by the author of the article. Summary Author, Steven F. Gruel, argues that there is an overwhelming amount of science and research that supports the

  • Video Games : The Grand Theft Auto Franchise

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    Throughout the last two recent decades, video games have made a huge leap forward in terms of graphic technologies, gameplay mechanics, realism, and immersiveness, turning from a niche branch of business into one of the leading giants of the entertainment industry. Although many of the old games were great even without detailed graphics and sophisticated mechanics (Fallout, Legend of Zelda, Ultima, and more), it is hard to deny that modern gaming projects often exceed their predecessors. Let me give

  • Character Motivations in Antigone

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    The main characters in Sophocles’ drama, Antigone, are Antigone herself, the play’s tragic heroine and Antigone’s uncle and King of Thebes, Creon. Both characters are ruled by powerful motivations and beliefs; however, they differ from one character to the next. Antigone’s motivation is love for her family- she puts it above all else. In fact, she is willing to sacrifice her life to defend that love. Antigone goes to great lengths to bury her deceased brother, who according to an edict issued by

  • The Heart Reserves A Special Place For Music

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    the music they currently enjoy. Recently, I have rediscovered one of these albums, Madvillainy, when putting my old playlist on shuffle. The album consists of Daniel Dumile, the album’s MC (rapper) who goes by many aliases, but most commonly as MF Doom, and Otis Jackson Jr., or Madlib. The underground hip-hop album was released in 2004 and is now considered a classic by many. The album’s 22 tracks consist of skits, instrumentals, and rapping with most tracks around two minutes long. Madvillainy has

  • Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close Personal Quotes

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    September 11, 2001, was an unforgettable day that changed America forever. Thousands of lives were lost in this tragedy, like Oskar’s father. In the beginning of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Oskar mentions the Reconnaissance Expedition he and his father used to play on Sundays. After his dad passed away, Oskar’s determination to complete expeditions remains, but now a different goal arises: to find the lock to the key found in his father’s room that will help Oskar to stop missing his father