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  • Environmental Justice: Some Ecofeminist Worries About A Distributive Model

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    Environmental Justice: Some Ecofeminist Worries About A Distributive Model ABSTRACT: Environmental philosophers, policy-makers and community activists who discuss environmental justice do so almost exclusively in terms of mainstream Western distributive models of social justice. Whether the issue is treatment of animals, human health or property, wilderness and species preservation, pollution or environmental degradation, the prevailing and largely unchallenged view is that the issues of environmental

  • Ecofeminism Essay

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    Patriarchal views privilege masculine over feminine, reason over emotion, competition over cooperation and force over empathy. The Ecofeminist believes it to be evident in our world that these aforementioned dichotomies are abetting to a world lacking in equilibrium. Because we value terms like ‘progress', ‘competition', as well as ‘economic and technological growth' over language such

  • Eco-feminism Essay

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    tional vs. Intuitive                Hierarchy vs. Circle                Masculine vs. Female Ecofeminists challenge the patriarchal conceptual framework and the accompanying dualistic

  • Karen J. Warren: A Brief Summary

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    Karen J. Warren had her PhD in philosophy and has written multiple books supporting her field and beliefs including Ecofeminist Philosophy published in 2000. Karen J. Warren wrote this book to help spread the accuracy of Ecofeminist Theory. Ecofeminism is the idea that men dominate both women and nature. The first couple chapters of Ecofeminist Philosophy goes over the basics of the theory of ecofeminism. One of the biggest ideas is that "Male centered thinking is the root cause of environmental

  • The Theme Of Tracks By Louise Erdrich

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    Warren in her book Ecofeminist Philosophy opines "Ecological feminists ("ecofeminists") claim that there are important connections between the unjustified dominations of women, people of color, children, and the poor and the unjustified domination of nature. (1) These unjustifiably dominated or marginalized

  • Examples Of Ecofeminism And Environmental Ethics

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    Ecofeminism is also referred to as a theory which makes the links between the oppression of women and the oppression of nature in patriarchal culture; an ethical position informed by ecofeminist thought and activism is one which resists these oppressions (Constance et al, 1996). Early ecofeminist analyses of the causes and solutions for environmental ethics were based on the idea of a feminine principle of care that was thought as a foundation for a sustainable livelihood (David, 2003)

  • Earth, Empathy, and Ecofeminism: A New Approach to Motivating Change

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    world are currently exploring and struggling with, but for the main environmental focus of this paper I plan on examining the phenomenon of climate change, its sources, and ways that it can be combated through the lens of Ecofeminist Theology and Psychology. By using ecofeminist views, I will develop how climate change disproportionately affects marginalized groups around the world, and then I will use the concept of empathy from the field of positive psychology as a means to motivate those most responsible

  • The Barren Land Short Story Analysis

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    she decided to send her young daughter, Grace Blanket, to live with her cousin, Moses Graycloud, and his wife, Belle Graycloud, so as to know about the white world. Later, Lila sent her two twin daughters, Sara and Molene to live with Grace and go to school. Molene died due to ''an illness spread by the white men who worked in the railroad'', and Sara became paralyzed (Hogan, Mean Spirit 7). In the early 1900s, each Indian had been given the choice to select any area of land not claimed by the white

  • Ecofeminism And The Ecology Of Feminism

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    (rather than as complementary) and exclusive (rather than as inclusive); 3. the logic of domination, “a logical structure of argumentation that “justifies” domination and subordination”. The last is “explanatorily basic” as the bottom lines in ecofeminist discussions of oppression, “if accepted, it provides a justification for keeping downs down”. In short, “for any X and Y, if X is morally superior to Y, then X is morally justified in subordination Y”(Warren, The Power and the Promise of Ecological

  • The Theme Of Environmental Issues And Ecofeminism In Animal Dreams

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    bravery, and the women of the Stitch and Bitch club all represent the ecofeminist aspect of the novel. Like in Prodigal Summer, the novel Animal Dreams revolves around a strong, female character, Codi, who has a vivid awareness to the natural world and longs for a more harmonious life with nature. Codi has the urge to educate her community about environmental threats and seeks defenses against those threats (E-2). “The ecofeminist categories