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  • Everett Massacre Research Paper

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    Julissa Knapinski CBA- Everett Massacre February, 2016 What Caused the Everett Massacre? Did you know, the bloodiest labor confrontation (The Everett Massacre) occurred in Washington state, on November 5th, 1916? Well, it’s true! That Sunday, a group called the Wobblies went on ships from Seattle, Washington to Everett, Washington. The biggest causes of the Everett Massacre are assumptions, fear, and most importantly, dissatisfaction. First off, assumptions was a big contributor to the occurrence

  • Biography Of Ernest Everett, The Son Of Charles And Mary

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    Ernest Everett Just, the son of Charles and Mary, was born in Charleston, SC August 14, 1883. During this time Cholera and diphtheria epidemics broke out, and black children were the main ones being affected by it. Soon after the birth of Ernest, his two year old brother and four year old sister passed away as a result of these diseases leaving him as the only child in the family for a short time. During his earlier years, the Just household was a very hectic and tense one. Many deaths were occurring

  • The Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood By John Everett Millais

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    The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded by John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and William Holman Hunt who were students at the Royal Academy. Millais, Rossetti, and Hunt were dissatisfied with the academy teaching students to mimic renaissance masters like Raphael, and sought to create art reminiscent of the medieval period. In addition for their distaste for renaissance perfection in art the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood were inspired by the theories of writer and art critic, John Ruskin

  • The Life of the Famous English Painter, Sir John Everett Millais

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    Sir John Everett Millais was born on June 8, 1829 in Southampton, England to John William Millais and Emily Marie Millais. Their family had a French background and were wealthy people in the middle class, partly due to the fact that the mother's family were very successful saddlers, which are people who were skilled at making saddles (Artmagick 1, Tate 1). When Millais was little he was considered a child prodigy when it came to painting and his family moved to London in 1838 to improve contacts

  • Short Story : The Mystical Moon Of Manchester

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    The Mystical Moon of Manchester “Wake up Jackson, my little werewolf,” said Barbara languidly. “But Mum, it is only 7 a.m. on a Saturday,” complained Jackson. “Also why do you have to use nicknames like that, I’m not going to any exciting trick or treating today anyway.” “Oh honey I am sorry but you know that I have an interview with Mr.Charles today to work a really rewarding office. You know that if I get this job then life will not be as stressful as it is now, and is just one missed Halloween

  • Industrial Worker Research Paper

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    Smokestacks', Everett, Washington was booming with blue-collar jobs, with over two dozen saw and shingles mills making home there throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. However, the workers of Everett (and indeed, the entire United States at the time) dealt with extensive labor hours and hazardous working conditions. In response to these conditions, much of the city's workforce began to unionize, which was readily accessible with Everett's twenty-five local unions. In 1914, the city of Everett was recovering

  • Personal Narrative-My Hero's Journey To Success

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    and but, hate/death threats. I always see at least one comment or tweet about how I “don’t deserve to be Niall’s sister” or “You only want the fame”. Traveling from place to place without my best friend, Summer Everett was hard, but i did have a family with me, the 1D Family. Summer Everett, my “sister” is always there for me. When I turned 18, I decided to move to the sunny Southern California. We live in LA together, while my parents, Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher, divorced, lived in separate

  • Everett Shinn

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    Outdoor Stage, France by artist Everett Shinn is 24 ¾ in. by 21 ½ in., or approximately 2 ft. high by 1 ¾ ft. wide. The painting is not imposing on the gallery floor, and has only a few feet of space on either side between two other paintings. The painting is on canvas, and is framed in a thick, gold frame with no glass. The media is oil paints, and the lighting in the gallery is such that there are no reflections in the paint when viewing from different angles. The subject matter of the painting

  • Ernest Everett Just

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    Ernest Everett Just, an African American biologist, was born on August 14, 1883 in Charleston, South Carolina to Charles Frazier Just Jr. and Mary Matthews Just, who gave birth to a stillborn child and both a boy and a girl before Just was born, making Just the youngest of three children. Sadly, however, both of his older siblings died approximately two months after he was born due to disease. His father, Charles Just Jr. died of alcoholism when Just turned four and his widowed mother was left to

  • Who Is Edward Everett?

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    out based on what he advocated and strived for. Edward Everett, held the Harvard Presidency from 1846-1849. Everett is known as, “a once celebrated orator, educator, scholar, and statesman had never been a man of “first rank in his own generation. Endowed with many extraordinary gifts he still appears as a man manuque, one who never succeeded in the field he entered” (Bartlett 1). A man with his experience and knowledge at the time, made Everett seem as the best man to fill the role of president.