Fort Jackson

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  • Case Study : ' Camp Jackson Affair '

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    Camp Jackson Affair Brigadier General Frost and Brigadier General Lyon are on a collision course. Frost is training his pro-Southern state militia at Camp Jackson over which the Confederate flag is flying. Lyon believes that waiting any longer without action would be dangerous to the cause of the Union and the security of St. Louis. (L174) (L204) (L272) On Friday, May 10, 1861, Johann Voss drills with the rest of his 2nd Regiment on the grounds of the Marine Hospital. This is their usual practice

  • The Birthplace of American Patriotism

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    will to defeat the military super-power. Next, the British moved on to Baltimore, a busy trading port and a source of well-built warships. General George Armistead commanded Fort McHenry, Baltimore’s blockade to incoming attackers. Armistead rallied the residents of the city to build fortifications and join the ranks in the fort. He ordered a giant flag to be sewn to show the British that Baltimore was ready to fight. As dawn arrived, so did the British. Led by

  • Lieutenant General Saint And His Command Sergeants

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    of other influential NCO’s. A special group that needed a figure head that all members could emulate and strive to act in accordance with. This figure head could be none other than Sergeant Audie Murphy. The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club originated at Fort Hood, Texas by a group of dedicated officers, enlisted, and civilians; the most notable of which were the two aforementioned leaders, their awards

  • My Favorite Career

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    Hello my name is Haiden and today i will be telling you about my favorite career. My favorite career is the auto mechanic. The auto mechanic works on cars “correct”. Well to me i love cars. Cars are just awesome machines. Cars can get us from point A to point B. Unless you break down. That’s where i come in. If you break down or get stuck i can come and help you get out of that pickle. Shure auto mechanics do more than just fix cars we also modify cars for example. From what i just told you is sounds

  • Mountain Men from the North American Rock Mountains

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    company representatives would haul supplies to specific mountain locations in the spring, engage in trading with trappers, and bring pelts back to communities on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers in the fall. Ashley sold his business to the outfit of Jackson and Sublette. He continued to earn revenue by selling that firm their supplies. This system of rendezvous with trappers continued when other firms, particularly the American Fur Company owned by John Jacob Astor, entered the field. The annual rendezvous

  • The Ever Changing Life And World We Live

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    The Ever-Changing Life and World we Live in Gaven D. Crosby Pennsylvania College of Technology You are dying! As we speak, we are all dying! You may die in an hour, maybe a decade or more. How do we know? The answer is that we don’t. We don’t know what life has in store for us. Today I am in the United States, safe; a week from now I could be in Syria. No one can be absolutely sure what is going to happen to us. The reason for this is because of the ever-changing world we live in. A perfect

  • The Tarrant County Courthouse : A Beautiful Structure Full Of Historical Importance

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    The Tarrant County Courthouse is a beautiful structure full of historical importance that deserves to be treasured. Tarrant County is the story of Indian battles, cattle drives, gunfights, and plantations. Railroads and high-tech assembly lines all happened here. The mission of Tarrant County Historical Commission is to “ensure that the story is saved, and savored for generations to come.” The commission meets regularly six times a year. Commissioners court, appoints two year terms. Commissioners

  • Dallas, Texas On The Trinity River

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    The city that I have chosen for my report is Dallas, Texas. Dallas is located in north central Texas on the Trinity River. I have chosen this city because I am from the north Texas area and will hopefully have a great job waiting for me in the Dallas area one day. I am also a huge Dallas sports fan, and I can’t wait until the new season starts. Many interesting things have happened in Dallas over the life of the city. Some famous TV shows were filmed in Dallas, Texas like Prison Break and Dallas

  • How Military Recruitment And Skilled People Join The Armed Forces

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    In 2014, according to the Global Terrorism Database managed by the University of Maryland, there were 16,818 terroristic incidents reported worldwide. This attributes for roughly 12% of the terrorism accounted for in this database between 1970 and 2014. Consequently, with all this global unrest, there is a need for military recruitment and skilled people to join the armed forces. Recruitment involves much consideration including choosing a branch, entrance requirements, testing, and evaluation.

  • Investigation Of A Criminal Investigator Essay

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    victims. They respond to crime scenes to detect, preserve, document, impound and collect physical evidence. 1 This report will give details about the Jeffery R. MacDonald triple murder case, which took place in officer’s quarters at U.S. Army base Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on Tuesday February 17, 1970. I will explain what happened, how it happened and what investigators found. If I were investigating the case, my experience would lead me to follow the guidelines of a criminal investigator.