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  • Essay on Thomas Jefferson´s Monticello

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    (figure four, shown with West Portico) Jefferson’s bedroom sized at 18’ 7" x 13’ 5"; ceiling 18’ 8" has an Ionic order to it. The friezes were influenced by classical antiques. (figure five, left) The Cabinet measures 18’ 6" x 11’ 10"; ceiling 10’ 0". This room has been influenced by the Ionic style. (figure five, right) There are a total of forty-three rooms in the entire

  • The Ionic Frieze Of The Parthenon

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    The ionic frieze of the Parthenon was considered by the Italian traveler and antiquarian Cyriac of Ancona as one of the “noblest images” of the Parthenon. The ionic frieze measures some 160-meters, or 524 feet, and is visible along the upper walls of the cella in addition to across the two porches. Cyriac was one of the first individuals to have sketched the figures on the frieze. The subject of the ionic frieze according to Cyriac was “the victories of the Athenians”. The Doric frieze of the Parthenon

  • Structure Of The Parthenon Frieze

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    Parthenon Frieze presentation write-up The Parthenon Frieze is the inner most decorative piece on the outside ceiling of the Parthenon. Its construction finished in 447BC and it was built by Phidias on the orders of Pericles. (1) The Frieze today is situated in multiple museums around Europe. The majority of the Frieze is located in the British Museum where the 80m’s of Frieze has its own room in the Duveen Gallery that was built to replicate the position from where it was taken from on the Parthenon

  • Altar of Zeus: New Style to Old Ideas Essay example

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    Its architecture has Greek form with a high structure of marble that shows off a large frieze portraying an epic battle on the base’s walls. The cracked figures on the frieze fight violently against each other, and even with the test of time, their features are descriptive and their faces show much varied expression. The most impressive part of the Altar of Zeus is the sculptural frieze depicting the struggle of the gods and the giants. It is clear on the altar’s frieze’s that the artist/sculpture

  • Elements Of Roman And Greek Architecture

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    Southern Methodist Church has a variety of classical elements that attribute it to past temples and structures created by the Roman and Greek cultures, appropriated to fit into the religion of the church by the manipulation of certain parts, such as the frieze.     To begin, the first and foremost part of the discussion is the elements of Greek and Roman architecture that have been incorporated and appropriated for the building of this church. The first and foremost noticeable feature would be the columns

  • Essay about The Parthenon: The Epitome of Greek Culture

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    and religious beliefs of the Greeks and incorporates the architectural brilliance seen first with the Greek people. The frieze, the religious idea behind the building of the temple, and the attention to detail in the Parthenon shows a genius that can only be claimed by the Greeks. First, the Parthenon frieze is an example of how unique the Parthenon is to the Greeks. The frieze is “[t]he most characteristic feature in the architecture and decoration of the temple” (Wikipedia contributors). It

  • Sexual Assault Prevention Seminar For College Students Essay

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    and economic violence occurring in the family. Violence against women includes domestic violence, child marriage, forced pregnancy, and other violence perpetrated by someone other than an intimate partner, sexual harassment (Frieze 2000). Female researchers such as Irene Frieze, Lisa Goodman, Lorraine Radtke, and Charleen Seen have focused much of their work on researching violence against women. The main focus will be women suffering from domestic violence and its effect as well as sexual assault

  • Essay on The Parthenon- A Culture in Itself

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    not only the building of one of the grandest works but the example of democracy displayed by the Greeks. The architecture was unique for its time, it featured excellent structure,the breathtaking Metopes featuring the epic battles of the gods, the Frieze a detailed sculpture displaying a procession of Greeks, and was built to house the magnificent statue of Athena adorned in gold. The Parthenon was

  • The Library On Franklin And Marshall's Campus

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    short as the the raking sima comes to a point. Below the pediment is the geison which rests on a row of vertical dentils. Below the dentils is the frieze with the name of the building, “Shadek - Fackenthal Library” centered and incuse. Within the architrave there is a raised molding delineating the truncated architrave from the frieze. The frieze rests on a disproportionately small architrave, about ⅓ as large as the ideal Doric structure. The architrave is solely composed of two fasciae. Below

  • The Temple Of Athena Nike

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    wisdom. The columns were made monolithic, so it was all made out of one big stone. The marble used was indigenous to the land in Athens, where it was made. In the frieze of the temple Athena is in a twisted perspective form, meaning she looks as if she could be moving but her shoulders are turned forward. However, most images in the frieze are ambiguous,